Current board

Board 2022 - 2023

Ruth van Doorn (2020) Chairman
Alexander Lenze (2020) Secretary
Ioana-Raluca Sardaru (2020) Treasurer
Maria Kathryn L. Alberto (2020) Internal Affairs
Emiel Broekman (2019) External Affairs
Skye Totton (2020) Educational Affairs/Vice-Chair

Board 2022 - 2023


The board manages the daily business of the association, oversees the committees and organizes a number of activities. They represent the association towards the students of chemistry and chemical engineering, as well as towards external parties and the faculty. 

Ruth van Doorn - Chairman


Hello there! My name is Ruth and I'm the chairman of this year's board! Which means i hold the final responsibility for the board, but of course the rest of the board also have a say ;). My tasks include, but are not limited to, preparing meetings, working together with other parties, helping out where necessary and managing the board in general. 

I’m from a small city (this can be debated on) in Drenthe, called Hoogeveen, so moving to Groningen in my 2nd year was not a big step, especially in comparison to most of my fellow board members. I only became active in the CB in my second year, by being a part of the christmas dinner committee. This is where I found my passion for the CB, so I wanted to spend an entire year working on it. Because of my side job I have very little free time, but when I have time I like to go horse riding or just going out with friends. I hope to see you around soon!

Alexander Lenze - Secretary

Hello there! I’m Alexander or better known as Alex and this year I’m the secretary of the board which means that I am responsible for sending you emails, the year planning, and all kinds of administration. I was born and raised in Cottbus, a city with around 100.000 inhabitants south of Berlin and close to Poland. I have been an active member of De CB since my second year which I spent in the AXie. However, I also attended quite a few activities in my first year. 

Besides studying and doing board stuff, I want to go swimming with my new ACLO membership. Furthermore, to also get some relaxation I will go to the cinema and try to stay up to date with the newest blockbusters but also smaller films. The only place you won’t find me in the cinema is in a horror movie. I look forward to a board year with a lot of possibilities to meet new people and have a lot of fun, and I hope to see you around!


Raluca Sardaru - Treasurer


Hello there! My name is Raluca and I am the treasurer of the association for this year, meaning  I will be in charge of the money matters. Most of the time you will find me in the board room trying to figure out how things work or just adding points to my tasklist. Kinder Buenos are my guilty pleasure, so if you want your request solved faster, you know what to do. This is the only bribe I will be accepting!

 I come from Romania and I live in Braşov, in the heart of Transylvania, surrounded by mountains and close to Dracula’s castle! There are plenty of reasons why I chose to study Chemistry in the Netherlands. What I can tell you is that the weather is certainly not among them! My hobbies include cooking (especially Italian food), reading, skiing and scuba-diving. I am in my third year and hopefully my last for the bachelors. This year I am also doing a minor in Psychology to get some insight into the human mind and behavior (actually to learn how to use reverse psychology to get what I want). As a part-time board member, I do hope to learn some organizational and time management skills to get me through the year. Lastly, I am really excited about the board year experience and hope to meet lots of great people!

Kath Alberto - Internal Affairs

Hello everyone, my name is Kath and I am the commissioner of internal affairs this year! My part in the association is to know everyone and make sure our lovely committees that keep the CB fun and alive are flowing smoothly. I started to become active when I joined ICE at the end of my first year and SpoCo in my second year. I can honestly say that some of the events we did are the highlights of my study here in Groningen and I can’t wait for all of you to have the same!

I was born in the Philippines, grew up in Dubai and now in my third year of chemical engineering in Groningen. If you see me around the university, it will be clear that this weather is not built for me or vice versa but I love exploring and experiencing this city nonetheless. As for my hobbies, I like going to the gym, spending time and cooking with my friends or trying new places. If you have lectures around the university, take a detour to the lounge to have coffee and a little chat. See you around!


Emiel Broekman - External Affairs


Moi eem! I am Emiel Broekman, the commissioner of external affairs for this year. If you do not recognize me, it is because I have never been active within the CB before. I wanted to become more active and what is a better way to do a board year! I am looking forward to raking in all the big sponsor deals and to meet with companies. When I am not doing my board stuff, I will probably be busy with sports. I really enjoy running and cycling when I have the time and when it is nice weather, since I am a typical ‘mooiweerfietser’. 

I am studying chemistry and am from the town of Stadskanaal, from the province of Groningen, but most people will know it as Stakka. As nice as Stadskanaal is, I did choose to move to Groningen last year to live closer to uni and my friends here. If you see me in the lounge or at the borrel feel free to come and chat with me, and if you see me during a borrel you can always sponsor some drinks for me ;)

Skye Totton - Educational Affairs & Vice-Chair

Hi everyone! My name is Skye, I am the educational affairs & vice-chairman of the association. I’ll be responsible for organising the educational support this year through meeting with Program Directors & study advisors, and ensuring you all get your books - at a discount of course ;). I wasn’t too active in the CB before this year aside from being a part of the BAco, so I am excited to be a bit more involved and to get to know everyone in the association.

I was born in California in the United States but grew up in Abu Dhabi (and I am Irish), so I am used to an international way of life. Outside of my studies, I am an open water swimmer and like to go to the gym. I also enjoy writing songs on my ipad - I don’t have any proper equipment so the sound quality isn’t great but it is sufficient. Music has always been a big part of my life and I enjoy having it as an outlet. If I am not in lectures or studying, you will find me in the lounge drinking some hot chocolate. If you have any questions/concerns about courses or just want to chat, come and say hi! See you around :)


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