Current board

Board 2019 - 2020

Lisl Miedema (2017) Chairman
Karlijn Meerman (2017) Secretary
Jesk Jaeger (2017) Treasurer
Adi Schoones (2017) Internal Affairs
Martijn Hoving (2017) External Affairs/Vice-Chairman
Didi Ubels (2017) Educational Affairs

The board manages the daily business of the association, oversees the committees and organizes a number of activities. They represent the association towards the students of chemistry and chemical engineering, as well as towards external parties and the faculty. 

Board 2019-2020



Name: Lisl Miedema
Place of birth: Leeuwarden
Age: 21
Study: Chemical Engineering
Function: Chairman
Previous Committees: aXie, ICE Committee, BorrelCie

Hi all! My name is Lisl Miedema and I’m the Chairman of the 53rd board of our association.  I was born 21 years ago in the north of the Netherlands; Leeuwarden. When studying Chemical Engineering, I came in contact with De Chemische Binding pretty soon during the social drinks on Friday afternoon. I readily became an active member, participating in various committees and social, career and educational activities. Being in the Board, I hope to offer you the same fun and interesting time next to your studies as I have experienced until so far. I’m always up for a chat, if I’m not dictating my fellow board members ;). I hope to see you in the members’ lounge for a cup of coffee or during one of our activities!




Name: Karlijn Meerman

Place of birth: Leiderdorp

Age: 19

Study: Chemistry (Sustainable Chemistry and Energy Track)

Function: Secretary 

Previous Committees: ICE committee, Activities Committee

Hi! My name is Karlijn Meerman, 19 years old and I will be your secretary for the upcoming year. I was born in Leiderdorp and when I was 9, I moved to a small village in Drenthe with my family. As Groningen was close by, I decided to study here. After an inactive start of my first year, I decided to join the ICE committee. With this committee I had a lot of fun, and this compelled me to also join the activities committee. In effort to try to avoid the so-called ‘board kilograms’ I will be playing volleybal next year, which I really enjoy. You can also often find me annoying my fellow board members (mostly our treasurer) and laughing at my own jokes. As secretary I know everything about everything (and everyone), so don’t hesitate to ask me any questions!


Name: Jesk Jaeger

Place of birth: Amsterdam

Age: 20

Study: Chemistry (Sustainable Chemistry and Energy Track)

Function: Treasurer

Previous Committees: Sport Committee and BorrelCie

Hi! My name is Jesk, the Treasurer of the 53rd Board. I was born in Amsterdam, and after 18 years I decided to leave the big city and move to Groningen. I like playing hockey or other sports, so I joined the Sport Committee in my first year. I got actively involved with the CB pretty soon, and enjoyed many of the activities we have to offer. I also really like eating and sleeping, so don’t be surprised if you find me sleeping in the members or board lounge. As Treasurer I am responsible for the finances of the association, and will occasionally cause some very depressed bank accounts. If you ever have a question about the collections or finances or just about life, you can always ask me!




Name: Adi Schoones

Place of birth: Welwyn Garden City

Age: 19

Study: Chemistry (Smart Materials Track)

Function: Internal Affairs

Previous Committees: Christmas Dinner Committee

Shallom! My name is Adi Schoones and I am the Commissioner of Internal Affairs of the 53rd board of De CB. Which means I am the first contact person for the committees and the members when something is going wrong or people just want to have a nice chat :). I used to play hockey for 15 years, but decided to take a break this year. Which I already regret. My favourite colour is purple, because it is the perfect mix between blue and red. In Hoogeveen (my home-home) I have a very cute dog named Puc. During my first year I was an active inactive member, during my second year I joined the Christmas Dinner Committee where I had an absolute blast. I also like to sing to the annoyance of everyone else as I am rather bad.


Name: Martijn Hoving

Place of birth: Delfzijl

Age: 21

Study: Chemistry (Smart Materials Track)

Functions:  External Affairs & Vice-Chairman

Previous Committee: Symposium Committee

Hello! My name is Martijn, and I’m the External Affairs and the Vice-Chairman this year. I am 21 years old, and I grew up in the beautiful Appingedam a little bit to the northeast of Groningen. In my spare time I like to hit the gym, go bouldering, and the occasional run. Hit me up if you want to join sometime! As External Affairs I am responsible for sponsoring for the association, and I am the primary contact for companies and other external parties. Together with these companies, the Career Committee and I organize activities such as excursions, training and lectures. So if you have any questions regarding those don’t hesitate to get in touch!




Name: Didi Ubels

Place of birth: Scharmer

Age: 20

Study: Chemistry (Sustainable Chemistry and Energy Track)

Function: Educational Affairs

Previous Committees: BorrelCie and Christmas Dinner Committee

Hey! My name is Didi and I am the Educational Affairs of the 53rd board. I come from a small village not far from groningen, Scharmer (yes I know that you have never heard of it and yes it is in the middle of nowhere). I became active within the CB quite fast after starting my studies as a member of the BorrelCie. After that, since I wanted to become more involved within the association and like cooking, I became a part of the Christmas Dinner Committee. Within the board it is my job to make sure you pass your courses. So if you have any questions regarding your studies, do not hesitate to ask me!

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