Current board

Board 2021 - 2022

Rosa Cnossen (2019) Chairman
Roos Reuvekamp (2019) Secretary
Stephanie Seidl (2019) Treasurer/Vice-Chairman
Hugo Klijn (2019) Internal Affairs
Lara Witjes (2019) External Affairs
Seán Byrne (2019) Educational Affairs

Board 2021 - 2022


Board 2020 - 2021

Emmanuel Vrionakis (2017) Chairman
Josephine Lewin (2018) Secretary
Jildou Schotanus (2018) Treasurer and Vice-Chairman
Pepijn Rang (2017) Internal Affairs
András Eisenga (2018) External Affairs
Annelise Dols (2018) Educational Affairs

The board manages the daily business of the association, oversees the committees and organizes a number of activities. They represent the association towards the students of chemistry and chemical engineering, as well as towards external parties and the faculty. 

Board 2020-2021


From left to right: Annelise, Josephine, András, Emmanuel, Pepijn, Jildou


Hello everyone! I’m Emmanuel Vrionakis and it’s my pleasure to fulfil the function of chairman this year. Being raised in the very exciting city of Assen, it was a nice change of pace for me to delve into student life in Groningen. Naturally, a board year perfectly completes the picture! When I’m not whipping my dear colleagues into gear there is a lot of stuff that I like to do to keep busy: cooking, running, sailing, going to the gym (less than I ought to admittedly), traveling, endlessly browsing smart home devices I can’t afford, you name it. Unlike some of my fellow board members, I have done just one committee within De CB, but what a committee it was! I was lucky enough to have joined the Christmas Dinner committee in my third year. Just a few months after our event I decided to take it to the next level and apply for the board and here we are now. Lastly, a good chunk of my remaining free time goes to having some drinks with people, whether that be beer or coffee, an old friend or a someone new, I’m always down! If you ever have question for me or anything – let me know, then we’ll have a drink too!

Hi everyone, my name is Josephine Lewin, I am 20 years old and I am the secretary of the 54th board! I was born in Utrecht, but have lived in Friesland and Groningen for the biggest part of my life. I became an active member in my first year in the Activities Committee, and after that joined the ICE committee and the Christmas Dinner Committee (together with Emmanuel!) as well. I do still have some free time left though, which I spend doing ballet or playing video games, even though I’m not actually very good at video games. I am also a very clumsy person, which means that on a regular evening I’ll end up spilling a drink either over myself or someone else (but people have gotten used to it). My fellow board members no longer look surprised whenever something like this happens. 

This year I’ll be the secretary, which means I’ll be the one planning every activity, sorting out the emails and things like that. You will also receive a monthly newsletter from me, the CBriefing. 

I’m always up for a drink and a chat, so if you ever see me around, you can usually just shout ‘José!’ (Pronounced: Gosé) and I’ll come to see what’s up :)



Hi! I’m Jildou (ou as in ouch ;)) and I’m the Treasurer and Vice-Chairman of the Board. I study Chemistry and currently should be doing my third-year courses, but instead I’m just following a few courses this year. In my free time, I enjoy reading books and watching tv series or films. Besides being an emotional eater, I’m also an emotional book buyer, meaning that whenever I am sad, I’ll buy a (few) book(s). I started my CB career as the treasurer of the First-Year Committee, after convincing my friends to also join. After an enjoyable and a successful year in the First-Year Committee, I decided that I wanted to spend some more money of the CB and joined the Introduction Committee as the treasurer. At this point I still feel like I can empty the pockets of this association some more, so I think I ended up it the right place in this Board. Of course, I also need to get some money in order to spend it. So, at the end of the month, you’ll receive a message from me, to notify you that I’m taking (all) your money. Otherwise, I’ll try to hunt you down.

Hey hey!

My name is Pepijn, or Pep for short! This year I am the Internal Affairs of the association. I moved to Groningen from my hometown of Gouda about 4 years ago. You may know Gouda from the cheese (which I dislike ironically), but Gouda was the first place in the Netherlands to make stroopwafels (which I obviously like)! My mom got unlucky and had 4 sons, of which I am the youngest. At the last child, my mom hoped for a daughter, but here I am. After moving here, I immediately got hooked by De CB to join the Christmas Dinner Committee. After that I have done the Introduction Committee, Sports Committee and Almanac Committee! You could say I have some experience within the association ^_^

This year I will be the one keeping an eye what every committee is doing, as well as providing all the members a familiar face to simply have a chat with. In these strange times we can’t really meet at the university anymore, but I will try my best to attend as many activities as possible if you want to get to know more about me, the board or committees in  De CB!



Hi! My name is András Eisenga and I am the current External Affairs of board 54. Next to my board stuff I follow courses of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Actually, I am a chemist however I thought that in my board year it would be nice to broaden my scope a bit. I became active with at De Chemische Binding in my first year and joined quite a few committees. What I really enjoyed is organizing and participating in career activities. Maybe I’m just impatient for the future. Next to thinking about ‘doooodzieke’ career activities, I like to do sports. If you want to be destroyed in a game of squash, tennis or whatever, just send me a message. Go ask the rest about my fearsome reputation. More things you can contact me for are; the current stock market, anything with money, jokes (or chokes ;)) and football regarding Ajax. Hope to see you around somewhere soon! Cheers!

Hey there! I’m Annelise Dols, this years Educational Affairs. This means that I handle all things education related, whether that be organising the sale of textbooks, meeting with the academic advisors and program directors about your concerns or helping organise course-based support sessions.

I’m half British half Dutch, but identify as international, having lived in the UK, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Living in Switzerland allowed me to further one of my favourite hobbies; skiing (although some would say that I’m a danger to myself whilst skiing, as it has caused me to tear both my ACLs, so if you need crutches, hit me up!) Alongside skiing I have also always enjoyed playing tennis (when I’m not injured) and working out in the gym.

Throughout high school I was known to bake A LOT. Whether this be to raise money for charity or just because I felt like it, there was never really a week where I didn’t bring baked goods into school, so expect to see come cookies and other sweet treats floating around the members lounge (if we can ever open it this year :( ).

If you have any issues with courses, or just want to have a chat about anything, feel free to message me anytime!