Current board

Board 2021 - 2022

Rosa Cnossen (2019) Chairman
Roos Reuvekamp (2019) Secretary
Stephanie Seidl (2019) Treasurer/Vice-Chairman
Hugo Klijn (2019) Internal Affairs
Lara Witjes (2019) External Affairs
Seán Byrne (2019) Educational Affairs

Board 2021 - 2022


The board manages the daily business of the association, oversees the committees and organizes a number of activities. They represent the association towards the students of chemistry and chemical engineering, as well as towards external parties and the faculty. 

Rosa Cnossen - Chairman


Hi there! My name is Rosa and this year I have the honour of being the chairman! This means I can delegate the tasks amongst my board members and do nothing myself... Just kidding ;), amongst other things, my tasks include preparing meetings, working together with other parties and managing the board in general. Another task I have laid upon myself is making sure my body is fueled with enough coffee every day, so if you want you can always hit me up for a drink!

I’m from a very small town in Drenthe, called Darp.. so moving to Groningen wasn’t a huge step for me in comparison to some of my fellow board members. Already in my first year I became quite active within the CB, with a total of 4 committees. This includes the SpoCo, BorrelCie, ICE and Almanak. I apparently just couldn’t let go of the CB, which is why I decided to dedicate a whole year to it! I do however have some free time left, which I like to spend either playing spikeball at De Graancirkel or going to the gym. ...Or just drinking some beers with friends. I hope to see you around soon and have a chat!

Roos Reuvekamp - Secretary

Hi, I’m Roos! This year I’m the secretary of the board which means writing this text shouldn’t be too difficult for me. As a secretary, I am responsible for sending you emails, the year planning, and all kinds of administration. I was born and raised in Groningen but I still don’t always know my way around the city. I’ve been an active member within De CB since the first year I started studying chemistry, as I was part of the Christmas Dinner, ICE and aXie. Just like all secretaries before me, my plan is to clean up the archive. This 3 by 2 m2 room contains all the random mess De CB has collected over the years.

This year I hope to experience my first ONCS and ski trip with De CB. In the meantime I’m trying to stay fit by joining Aclo classes, to balance out the number of hours I’m sitting at my desk or in the lounge. I look forward to a board year with enough possibilities to meet new people, and I hope to see you around!  


Stephanie Seidl - Treasurer & Vice-Chairman


Hi! My name is Stephanie, better known as Steph and I am the treasurer and vice-chairman of the association. If you do not find me in the lounge you will probably find me in the board room making angry calls to the bank or processing incassos. I could be described as a cultural blend given that my mum is South African, my dad is Dutch and I grew up in the Czech Republic. I love to cook, mainly because I love good food but somehow manage to make 3 different meals the day before exams... Sports are also one of my favourite hobbies and I am always trying something new. Now it is windsurfing and race biking (actually a surprisingly recommendable cure for a hangover). Since moving to Groningen I have accumulated quite the plant collection; my bedroom is more of a greenhouse than a room to sleep in.

I have been part of three committees in the CB and really enjoyed it so I wanted to do another year more focused on organizing activities with less uni; the board was the perfect option. If you see me around I am always up for a chat so do not hesitate to ask questions or to say hello.

Hugo Klijn - Internal Affairs

Hello! I am Hugo, the internal affairs of this year. After growing up in Haren, I decided to move all the way to Groningen (a whopping 7 minutes by train) to live closer to the UMCG where I studied pharmacy. Unfortunately, pharmacy did not work out, as you might have guessed from seeing me here, and I moved on to chemistry. Because the chemistry life is much more invigorating than pharmacy, I decided to stay here. That’s when I found the Christmas Dinner Committee. My love for Christmas compelled me to join, which propelled me into a lovely association with great people all around. After trying to move my ambitions abroad by attempting to organise a trip with the Trip Committee, and unfortunately failing due to some infection, it was time to take the next step: applying to become the next board. This attempt was more successful and now here I am, a proud commissioner of internal affairs of this beautiful 55th board. I hope to see all of you around, either hanging in the members’ lounge or during some activities. Now go and read Lara’s piece, she worked very hard on it!


Lara Witjes - External Affairs


Hello Everyone, My name is Lara Witjes, and I will be the commissioner of external affairs this year. I study chemical engineering, but will kind of be taking a break from it for my board year. I’m most looking forward to meeting lots of new people, which is why external affairs is a great fit for me. Since I haven’t been active at de CB before my board year, I also get to meet lots of new people within the association, which I am very excited about. 

Aside from studying, I really like music. I have played the flute since I was 8 and have been singing since I was 3. I grew up singing and listening to all kinds of music, from classical to jazz to musicals to pop, so if you are looking for music conversation feel free to reach out :). As a true (half) Swiss, I also love cheese and skiing (seriously really love skiing), and really look forward to going on the ski trip! 

Hope to see you around, and look forward to meeting you :)

Seán Byrne - Educational Affairs

Hey! My name is Seán Byrne, and I am the Educational Affairs of De Chemische Binding for this year. This means that I handle educational-related matters for the association. I meet with the Study Advisors and Programme Directors, I arrange the sale of textbooks for your courses, and I organise educational support for the members of the association, etc.

I come from Ireland. I study Chemical Engineering, which was a study I wanted to follow since I was 16 years old. When I was in school in Ireland, I used to exhibit projects in science competitions. This experience inspired me to do this programme. When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my friends, play floorball at ACLO, and (very slowly) learn Dutch.

This year, you’ll probably find me having a grand time in the Members’ Lounge (probably sitting in the same spot every time!). So, if you have any issues with courses or just want to have a chat you now know where to find me :)


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