Current board

Board 2017 - 2018

Yaël Kerstholt (2015) Chairman
Annemarie Doze (2015) Secretary
Sammie Mulder (2015) Treasurer
Willem Cazemier (2015) Internal Affairs
Rebecca Rodrigues de Miranda (2015) External Affairs/Vice-Chairman
Wouter Saat (2015) Educational Affairs

The board manages the daily business of the association, oversees the committees and organizes a number of activities. They represent the association towards the students of chemistry and chemical engineering, as well as towards external parties and the faculty. 

f.l.t.r. Wouter, Willem, Annemarie, Yaël, Sammie, Rebecca



Name: Yaël Kerstholt
Nick name: El
Place of birth: Groningen
Age: 20
Study: Third year Chemistry (Chemistry of Life track)
Function: Chairman
Previous committees: aXie, Borrelcie, Redakcie, Paparacie
Hobbies: eating, binge watching (m)any series, ballet, basketball and circuit training

Dear all, my name is Yaël and I would like to introduce myself to you! After being an active member for two years, I wanted to do more for De Chemische Binding. My passion for the association had grown and I decided to apply for a position in the 51st board. After an incredible time as the candidate chairman, I was installed as the chairman of the new board on the 8th of June. This year, I am responsible for the functioning of the whole board and I will be representing the association on numerous occasions. I am looking forward to this amazing year.


Name: Annemarie Doze
Nick name: ♫Annemarie♫
Place of birth: Groningen
Age: 20
Study: Third year Chemistry (Sustainable track)
Function: Secretary
Previous committees: Christmas Dinner, Symposium
Hobbies: playing golf, playing squash, cooking, reading, drinking tea

Hi! My name is Annemarie, and I am the Secretary of the 51st board. This means that I am responsible for (of course) the minutes of the General Members’ Meetings, for keeping track of the agenda and for the contacts with other study-associations. Furthermore, I will be the one spamming your mailbox with the CBriefing each month! I am looking forward to the upcoming year with loads of amazing activities, and hopefully I’ll meet you in the CB-lounge one time!




Name: Sammie Mulder
Nickname: Samwise
Place of birth: Zevenaar
Age: 20
Study: Third year Chemical Engineering
Function: Treasurer
Previous committees: First-Year Committee, CBoexie
Hobbies: Eating (a lot), Socialising (including occasional drinks), Gaming, Watching series

Bonjour! My name is Sammie Mulder and I am the Treasurer of the 51st Board of ‘De Chemische Binding’. I will be the one in charge of the association’s money. Also, if your bank account suddenly has a lot less money than expected, it will be me to blame. I’m already looking forward to collecting all the money you have left over at the end of the month! ;)


Name: Willem Cazemier
Nickname: Willieeeeee
Place of Birth: Franeker
Age: 22
Study: Third year Chemical Engineering
Function: Internal Affairs
Previous committees: SpoCo, Alphabet party & First-Year Committee
Hobbies: basketball, fitness, watching series & playing video games

Hello, my name is Willem! Upcoming year I will become the Internal Affairs of the associations. This means I will make sure that the committees within the association work as intended. Also if there are questions regarding the association or joining a committee, I will also be the contact person for the association. You can either find me in the board room or in the members’ lounge during the day or fridays at the social drinks. 




Name: Rebecca Rodrigues de Miranda
Nickname: T-Bex
Place of birth: London
Age: 20
Study: Third year Chemistry (Smart Materials track)
Function: External Affairs and Vice Chair
Previous committees: aXie, Borrelcie, Redakcie
Hobbies: eating, sleeping, sporcle, repeating


I’m Becca, the External Affairs and Vice Chair of the 51st board of De CB, and as much as I would love to be Spanish like my surname I’m technically Dutch - although I’ve only lived in the Netherlands since my first year at the RUG, so two years now. My job this year is to keep in contact with companies that sponsor us and to help members think about a career path for their future. To do this I’ll be organising lots of fun excursions, lectures and trainings (often with the help of committees) so keep an eye on the website for upcoming career activities! You can often find me playing Sporcle or Hearthstone in the members room. See you around!


Name: Wouter Saat
Nickname: Waldo
Place of Birth: Rotterdam
Age: 20
Study: Third year Chemistry (Sustainable and Smart Materials tracks)
Function: Educational Affairs
Previous Committees: Borrelcie, RedakCie, Introduction Committee, Symposium Committee.
Hobbies: Eating (and Cooking if I have too), Walking, Reading, an (not always so) occasional drink with friends.


My name is Wouter Saat and this year I will be the Educational Affairs of ‘De Chemische Binding’. I am a tall, hairy guy from Rotterdam, known for his grimy sense of humor. In the upcoming year I will be responsible for anything related to education. This means that any question, complaint or idea regarding courses, study programs, professors and grades can be directed at me. No matter how small or big the problem is, I am always willing to help you, though that does not mean I am all seriousness.

Have a great year everybody!




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