Book Committee

Book Committee (CBoexie)

Sietse Tock (2014) Chair
Jorn de Jong (2013) General Member
Dina Boer (2011) General Member
Sammie Mulder (2015) General Member
Coen Cuppes (2012) General Member
Johnny Tran (2011) General Member
Johnny Tran (2011) Chairman
Jorn de Jong (2013) Chair
Sammie Mulder (2015) General Member
Sammie Mulder (2015) Chair
Sietse Tock (2014) General Member

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the page of G.S.B.D. Gutenberg (Groninger Studenten Boeken Dispuut Gutenberg). The second ever created and the only active one dispute of De Chemische Binding. We are named after Mainzer Johannes Gutenberg who was the inventor of the book press in the 13th century. Our main goal is to supply the students of chemistry and chemical engineering at the University of Groningen with books. Not official goals but socially accepted within the dispute: being prominent, drink beer, become board member, bad hair days and earn money.

The dispute consist of the following members:

Sietse "Maaike is best prima" Tock - Chairman
Jorn “Te laat komen is ook komen” de Jong - Bookmaker
Sammie "Ik skip college wel voor vergadering" Mulder - Bookshelf

If you have questions, please send us an e-mail at

This dispute is being sponsored by Studystore B.V.

Kind Regards,

G.S.B.D. Gutenberg

Sietse “Maaike is best prima” Tock


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