Career Committee

Career Committee

AndrĂ¡s Eisenga (2018) Chairman
Gabriela-Teodora Dutca (2018) Secretary
Paula Joana Sammeck (2018) Treasurer
Martijn Hoving (2017) General Member
Pieter Brongers (2017) General Member
Dani Wu (2019) General Member
Victor Verduijn (2016) General Member

The Career Committee organizes lectures and soft-skills training sessions for students studying Chemistry and/or Chemical Engineering. Lectures are at an academic level and can cover (academic) research as well as applicable topics from the chemical industry or other related fields. The lectures are preceded with cookies, coffee, and tea, and often end with drinks where the audience can participate in informal discussions with fellow attendees and the invited speaker. A lunch lecture is organized once a year, and as the name suggests, a great lunch is provided for the participants. As the Career Committee, we deem it important that Chemistry and Chemical Engineering students have the chance to develop their career related soft-skills as well. In order to achieve this the committee organizes various training sessions in cooperation with De Chemische Binding Public Relations of the board and external companies. These trainings involve job applications, identity, and choices in the possible career paths.

The Career Committee is looking for new members! Do you want the opportunity to broaden your network and organize lectures and career trainings? Then, feel free to send an E-mail to

The Career Committee organises activities that students can attend for career orientation. The organising of lectures is a large part among these activities. Additionally, they have the freedom to organise career events they find suitable for the association and its members. This is done in collaboration with the External Affairs of the board, to make sure that the events are up to standard.

The organisation of excursions to sponsors is done by the External Affairs of the board. Also, the first contact between De Chemische Binding and a sponsor will go via the External Affairs of the board, to keep one clear face from the association to external parties. The Career Committee is given the freedom to approach companies and other parties on their own, as long as this is for the organization of career related activities.

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