Coca Cola the enjoyment on short term, Yakult, the enjoyment on long term

Today, the 31st of July, was a business day. Two companies to visit: Yakult in the morning and Coca Cola in the afternoon. We started off with an early “traditional” Japanese breakfast: deep fried chicken, potatoes with ketchup, fried egg and a rice-ball. After this heavy meal we started to make our way to the Yakult Central Institute. The trip took about one hour and we arrived at a small train station with a temperature of 30 degrees. Luckily the dress code of today was formal without a jacket as apposed to the Shimadzu and AkzoNobel dress code in which we were reaching our critical temperature. After a ‘warm’ welcome we got a small introduction about the history of Yakult. Then we were allowed to enjoy the classic Yakult beverage. This was followed by a visit to the memorial museum of dr. Shirota. Dr. Shirota was a scientist who had the idea that the ingestion of good bacteria would result in a longer lifetime. He eventually discovered lactic acid bacteria positively influencing the intestinal flora. The metaphore dr. Shirota used is a drop of water which results in waves that ‘spread’ his information towards others. Nowadays the information is spread all over the world via all the different products of Yakult, ranging from probiotic drinks, to cosmetic lotions. After a photo of the SBE group at the statue of dr. Shirota, we went to the train station to eat our lunch. We had approximately 10 minutes to eat our, pre-warmed by the sun, food. Then we went to the Coca Cola factory. This visit was less formal compared to the other companies. First we got a small tour around the production lines. We saw how 600 bottles were capped in 1 minute, a mass production. The special thing regarding this production line is the multifunctionality. As we all know, Coca Cola owns a lot of products, like Fanta, Aqaurius and also the popular green tea in Japan. The production line can cap all the different bottles within the same setup, making it incredibely versatile. After the small tour we could refresh ourselves in the main hall with a classic Coca Cola from the glass bottle. After that we finished the visit with some nice pictures at different Coca Cola-inspired products,

All in all we learned more about the products and the production of famous brands ánd we got two free drinks.

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