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Symeres is the leading mid-sized European Contract Research Organization for drug discovery and development. With over 500 scientists, we offer best-in-class solutions for small- to medium-sized molecules. Our services span from hit finding, through medicinal chemistry, to the delivery of APIs for up to phase IIb. 

Many of our customers are small-to-medium pharma companies, biotechs, and academic research groups. By forming an integrated team with our customer, our researchers dedicate themselves to advance the program and create value. Depending on your needs and the stage of your program, we select the best team members and prepare a detailed research proposal. No customer or project is too small for us. 

Symeres operates from four European sites: Our Head Office in Nijmegen (NL, formerly Mercachem) and our offices in Groningen (NL, formerly Syncom) handle custom synthesis, medicinal chemistry, early ADME, process research, and large-scale synthesis. Our Weert (NL) and Prague (CZ) sites carry out API synthesis under cGMP. Our daughter company, Admescope, in Oulu (FI) and Södertälje (SE) is an expert in ADME/T PK, metabolite ID, and MIST studies. All our operations take place within Europe. Of course, we’re always just a phone call away. 

Symeres also maintains a strong network of strategic alliances with partner companies that offer the highest quality services in their specialized area. This network allows us to expand our services to HTS, structure analysis, target identification, and more. 

During the course of your project, we communicate frequently and transparently to ensure that we share the same knowledge, understand each other, and align our thoughts. When your needs and priorities change, we adapt. 

Always flexible, always tailor-made, and always quality as the highest priority, Symeres is the best partner for your program. We Make Molecules Matter.

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