Our Tips

Here you can find tips for movies, games, series, music, books and some other advice, given by CB members! Have anything to add? Don't hesitate and email us!


Knives out - mystery

Old boy (Korean version) - mystery/thriller

Inglorious basterds - war/drama

Michiel de Ruyter- historical

Moana - Disney

Shrek I-IV - animation

Oldboi - drama

Fightclub - action

Anything by Miyazaki - animation

Shawshank Redemption - drama

Bad Neighbours – comedy

Memento - thriller/mystery

The Prestige - thriller/mystery

1917 - war/drama

Flickering Lights (Blinkende Lygter) - comedy/crime

The whole Fast and the Furious series - action/cars

Jojo Rabbit - Comedy about WW II

The BlacKKKlansman - Crime/Drama

The Prestige - Mystery/Drama nice Mindfuck movie

The Big Short - Drama/Comedy

Knives Out - A-who-done-it mystery / comedy

JoJo Rabbit - comedy

What we do in the shadows - comedy

Harry Potter Series - fantasy

Lord of the Rings series - fantasy

Mission Impossible - action spy movie

The blindside - feel good drama

Interstellar - science fiction

The martian - science fiction

Planet of the apes trilogy - science fiction



Pandemic - Rising tide

Online scribbl.io through discord with CB


Kerbal Space Program

DotA 2


Stardew Valley

Starcraft 2

Stardew valley

Roller coaster Tycoon

All pokemon games untill pearl & diamond

Stardew Valley

Civilization V

Hollow Knight


The witcher 3

https://skribbl.io/ with custom words


De zeven eigenschappen voor succes in je leven - Stephen Covey

The kite runner (de vliegeraar) - historical fiction

All the light we cannot see - historical fiction

Eleanor oliphant is completely fine - adult fiction

Brief voor de koning (letter for the king) - historical fiction

The Alchemist - Paulo Coehlo - novel

The Name of the Wind – fantasy

Game of Thrones

Mistborn trilogy (brandon sanderson) - Fantasy

Stormlight archive series (brandon sanderson) - Fantasy

Artemis (andy weir) – science fiction

The martian (andy weir) – science fiction


Tyler, The Creator - hip hop/pop

Happy Tunes playlist on spotify

Christmas music


Bill Wurtz


Kanye West

Suffering from success - DJ Khaled

Tame impala - the slow rush

Bastille - wild world

Radical Redemption

Immer Hansie




Skan feat. M.I.M.E - Mia Khalifa

Tyler, The Creator - Igor (album)

Spinvis with the following songs: de zevende nacht, het voordeel van video, oostende, stefan en lisette, de grote zon, heel goed nieuws, smalfilm, kom terug, voor ik vergeet, in de staat van narcose

Otis Redding

AnnenMayKantereit - German pop music

Mall Grab's techno sets on sound cloud

Dominic Fike - 3 Nights

24K (album not the song!) by Bruno Mars

The New Lowlands 2020 Playlist has a nice mix of everything

Rex Orange County (chill pop), Finneas (pop)

Hold Ya Head (ft. Bob Marley) - The Notorious B.I.G.


Band of Brothers

Peaky Blinders

Breaking Bad


Black Mirror

Tiger King

Brooklyn 99

Over the garden wall

The Good Place

Black mirror

Gossip Girl


13 Reasons Why

Sex Education

Narcos Mexico

The Bodyguard


The English game

Sherlock (BBC)

House of cards



How I met your mother


La Casa de papel

Game of Thrones till season 6

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Other advice

Do lots of cooking/baking or start new project like home improvement, art or sports.

Join CB discord

Don't neglect your studying as much as me and go join a committee or something

Stay busy

Going for a (brief) walk is better for your mental health than you think: just try it!

Go cleaning

Get a regular sleep schedule and working out at planned times

Cook more elaborate recipes