Voluntary Initiatives

Stock Donation 

Due to the corona virus, our lounge has to be closed for this academic year. That means that it is time for a spring cleaning! This also holds for our stock.. In the spirit of contributing to charity in these strange times, we decided to donate our consumptions in the lounge to the Voedselbank (food bank). The Voedselbank hands out food to the ones in need, they were happy with our contribution and we are happy to have helped them. 

Our own initiative - donate a lab goggle!

The battle against the Corona virus is not over yet. Even though the numbers are hopeful, the Intensive Care staff is still fighting to save many lives. It is important for them to have sufficient protective material, to make sure they don’t get infected by the Coronavirus. One of the things they need are safety goggles, which are similar to the goggles we use in the labs. As association, we would like to contribute to this fight against Corona where possible, and we’ve therefore set up our own initiative. We have many lab goggles in stock, which the hospital staff could really use. 

Therefore, you can now donate money for a lab goggle, which we will send to the Red Cross. They will distribute these goggles over the country, and this will really help the hospital staff in order to protect themselves. So do you have some money left, which you otherwise maybe had spent on drinks during the social or on jagerbombs in ‘t Gat? Donate now and help the hospital staff save lives. You can choose the amount of money you donate yourself by buying different amounts of the product here.  A donation of 6 euros equals the donation of one regular lab goggle, once these are sold out, one XL lab goggle equals the price of 10 euros. 

Collected amount of money = €155 !

Student voor Stad (Students for the city)

Groningen needs her students now more than ever.

In times of the Coronavirus, we need to help each other. Students can make a huge positive impact in the city. The initiative connects people in need (e.g. for groceries or baby-sitting) with students willing to lend a hand. Sign up now to contribute.

The Helping Hand

In February 2020, the Coronavirus also reached the Netherlands. As a result, people at risk are no longer able to perform their daily tasks. To help these people, we have set up this group and website. We try to link supply and demand in order to provide enough people with the help they need. Do you want to help your neighbours or do you need help yourself? Then apply via our Facebook group. You can also easily join one of our many initiatives.

Studievisie.nl – Help prospective students in their choices!

Students can be considered a highly dynamic group of people and we have seen many beautiful initiatives pop-up during these difficult times. By informing prospective students about our personal study experiences we can help them make the right study choice and make sure they kick-start their study careers full of confidence. Let's help each other out and sign-up!

Support your local pub

It's Friday night... After a few glasses of sparkling wine you cycled from the Nijenborgh to the city center. You got seduced by the PartyCo to decorate yourself with some glow in the dark paint: you have arrived to the illustrous Neon Party in 't Gat van Groningen. You bought too many Jägerbombs, might tried a bodyshot for once or were surprised by the size of the pitchers that were served, but you certainly had a great night!

Unfortunately, due to the Corona virus, all pubs/restaurants/clubs are closed which makes it difficult for them to live through this period. However, you can help! Via https://www.helpdehoreca.nl/, you can buy yourself a voucher. In this way, they can pay their bills for now and you can pick up that pitcher (Bacardi) Cola on your next night out.

For our international members, unfortunately the website is in Dutch, but if you want to buy a voucher we are happy to help you

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