Important organisations/persons

Education Support Centre

The staff of the FSE Education Support Centre (ESC) provides support to the teaching organization. Staff members of the ESC are academic advisors, degree programme coordinators, schedulers, exchange coordinators, student administration and secretaries. Their support involves:

  • Providing information for students and prospective students about the teaching programme
  • Helping students with study-related problems
  • Organizing registration for course units and examinations
  • Administering examination results and degree certificates
  • Compiling timetables of lectures and examinations
  • Providing information about study abroad and financial support
  • Formulating and implementing education policy, etc.
  • Conducting and processing surveys in the field of teaching quality assurance
  • Supporting the Programme Committees and Board of Examiners

The Education Support Desk (ESD) is the ESC’s front office. This is where students can turn with questions and comments about the teaching organization. Please feel free to contact the ESD via e-mail or phone, or drop by during opening hours. You may visit the ESD for the following kind of matters:

  • To hand in programme-related forms or documents
  • To get a certified transcript of records (free of charge)
  • In case of questions about the processing of grades in ProgRESS WWW
  • In case of enrolment problems in ProgRESS WWW
  • If you have questions about graduation

ESD Zernike

Bernoulliborg, first floor

Opening hours:

10:30 –12:00 (all week days)

13:00 –15:00 (not on Wednesday and Friday)

Telephone: (050) 363 4422 (between 9.00 – 12:00 and 13:00 –16.00)


An up-to-date overview of all staff of all FSE programmes can be found on the website of the University of Groningen. 

Study Advisor

Students can make an appointment with an academic advisor (or visit open office hours of an academic advisor for short questions), in case of study programme-related questions or in case he/she would like to report extraordinary circumstances. For most of your question related to your study you can contact the study advisor. He/she will then help you find the right information or contact to help you along.

The study advisor for both the bachelor and master of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is Wendy Hof. Her office is in Bernoulliborg (BB 5161.0083). Her open office hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 10.30h to 12.00h. You can contact her at Click here if you want to make an appointment. 

Programme directors

Every programme has a Deputy Programme Director who is responsible for the curriculum of the programme in question. Besides this there is a Degree Programme Coordinator that support the programme in a more general sense. For more information on who these people are and how to contact them look here  

Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners is responsible for ensuring the quality of assessment procedures, ensuring that examinations and final assessments proceed satisfactorily and for judging whether individual students have fulfilled the requirements for the award of the degree certificate.
The Board of Examiners also decides whether special arrangements, exceptions etc. for individual students will be granted. The Board of Examiners is formed by three staff members and is appointed by the Faculty Board.
Before you send a request to the Board of Examiners, you should first contact the academic advisor.

The Board of Examiners can be contacted via email: More information about the Board of Examiners can be found here.