The university is currently working to establish a branch campus in Yantai, China. The name of this branch campus would become University of Groningen Yantai (UGY). The Branch campus will mirror the structure of the University of Groningen itself and focusses on providing education of equal level to its Dutch counterpart. Eventually the goal is to have all (reasonable) programs also available on the UGY campus. The programs will move there in phases, with Chemistry and Chemical Engineering being in the first phase. The Campus would provide both staff and students an easier opportunity to study abroad, at a university of equal level. 

For students, UGY will offer a good opportunity to follow either a full program or part of a program abroad. Since the level of education will be the same for both UG and UGY, there can be assured that if you follow your courses in Yantai, the value of your diploma does not diminish. For staff it will offer the opportunity to do research with different partners and colleagues and teach in a different setting. As well as for the students, this could be a very valuable experience for all our staff, hopefuly increasing their teaching abilities and forging some great connections in one of the fastest growing knowledge economies of the world. 

The start of the project is set on September 1, 2017. This would introduce the preparatory year, in which all preparations for moving the first degree programmes to Yantai can be done. Then in 2018 the first degree programmes will be introduced at UGY. The 6 programmes set to be first to introduced in Yantai are BSc Chemistry, BSc Industrial Engineering & Management, BSc Life Science & Technology (Molecular Life Science Track), BSc Mathematics, MSc Chemical Engineering and MSc Biomedical Engineering.

The current state of the project is that both the Chinese government as the Dutch government have given their consent with the plan. Right now the university council has to vote to accept the proposal and start the work for the preparatory year. Even though the preparatory year has not officially started, our faculty is already putting in a lot of work to be ready to move to Yantai when the university council gives its consent. 

Feringa Building

The design of the new building, called the Zernicke building, for Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and some other programmes was presented to the public on November 25, 2015. After Prof. Dr. Ben L. Feringa won the Nobel prize, a petition was started to rename the building to Feringa Building, which was decided to be the new name of the building on November 18, 2016. A 3D impression of the building can be found here. The Feringa Building is to replace the Nijenborgh, a building that has been the home of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Applied Physics and many other studies since 1965. 

The construction of the building will take place in two phases. The first phase consists of building the left part of the Feringa Building on parking P5 (up to September 2018). The building will then be connected to the Nijenborgh. After the first phase is completed, some of the research institutes can move to the new building. After the move, the first part of the Nijenborgh can be demolished, to make place for the second part of the Feringa Building (September 2019 – April 2021). After the new building is finished, the remaining research institutes and the programs will move and the remaining buildings of the Nijenborgh will be demolished. The final stage is planned to finish in March 2022.

The current state of the project is that the budget provided for the project is not far reaching enough for the contractor to start building. The Board of the University will now have to decide whether they will make more funds available. If and when the project can continue is not known. 

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