Student Representation


The Bètastuf is the overarching organization for all the student representatives in the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE). The Board of the Bètastuf (BOB) is responsible for the Bètastuf. The BOB is a four-headed board which consists of a chair, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer. You can contact the board via bestuur@bè On their website they offer more information about the student representation within the FSE.

Programme Committee

The task of the Programme Committees is to give advice on all education-related matters in the relevant discipline. A Programme Committee can issue its advice to the Programme Director, to the Faculty Board (usually through the Programme Director) or to individual lecturers. The Programme Committee also handles the course evaluations. One half of the members of the Programme Committee are students and the other half are staff. Members are appointed by the Faculty Board on the recommendation of the Programme Director.

For the bachelors and masters of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering there is one Programme Committee.

If you need any additional information on the Programme Committee for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering such as its members or how to contact them on any issues regarding a certain programme you can look here

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is one part of the student representation on the faculty level. The purpose of the Faculty Council is to provide advice to and represent the students and staff with the Faculty Board. The Faculty Council consists of 18 members; nine staff-members and nine student-members.
The Faculty Board needs the Council's consent on some topics, like the Regulations of the Faculty and the Education and Exam Regulations (OER). Council members also have the right to advise the Faculty Board on any issues that arise in the faculty. The Faculty Board meets with the Council once every six weeks to discuss any relevant issues.
You can find any additional information here.

The Undergratuate and Graduate School of Science and Engineering 
The responsibilities for the different programmes taught at the faculty are split over two ‘schools’. The Undergraduate School of Science and Engineering for the Bachelor programmes and the Graduate School for Science and Engineering for the Master programmes. In addition to this, the Graduate School also manages PhD projects in collaboration with the research groups.

Both of these schools have student members, two in the case of the Undergraduate School and one in the Graduate School. These student members are responsible for contact between the schools and the students. More information on these schools can be found here and here respectively.