Student Representation


The Bètastuf is the overarching organization for all the student representatives in the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE). The Board of the Bètastuf (BOB) is responsible for the Bètastuf. The BOB is a four-headed board which consists of a chair, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer. You can contact the board via bestuur@bè On their website they offer more information about the student representation within the FSE.

Programme Committee

Each programme has its own Programme Committee (PC). The task of the Programme Committee is to advise about the teaching and examination regulations, (i.e. the implementation of the teaching programmes in the relevant discipline), on matters relating to the implementation of the teaching programmes (i.e. the annual evaluation of how the teaching and examination regulations are implemented) and to give solicited and unsolicited advice on all education-related matters in the relevant discipline. The Programme Committee can issue its advice to the programme director, to the Faculty Board (usually through the programme director), or to individual lecturers. The PC also handles the course evaluations. Half of the members of the Programme Committee are students and half are staff. Members are appointed by the Faculty Board on the recommendation of the programme director.

For the bachelors and masters of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering there is one PC. They can be contacted via If you have any complaints about your courses, you can always email them! The PC for our programmes consists of:

Staff members:

  • Prof. dr. S.J. (Siewert Jan) Marrink (Chairman)
  • M.W. (Marco) Fraaije (not official member)
  • Dr. J. (Jun) Yue
  • Dr. A.K.H. (Anna) Hirsch
  • Dr. E. (Edwin) Otten
  • Dr. R.W.A. (Remco) Havenith
  • Drs. R.V. (Renske) Elferink-Vonk  
  • K. (Kim) Winters (secretary)
  • Drs. W.G. (Wendy) Hof (academic advisor)

Student members as of September 2016:


  • Rebecca Rodrigues de Miranda (Chairman)
  • Laura Gutierrez
  • Adaugo Uche


  • Hanneke Siebe
  • Coen Cuppes

The most up to date information about the PC, including the dates of their meetings, can be found at the Student Portal

Faculty Council

The representation on the level of the Faculty is situated in the Faculty council. She is authorized to discuss the general points within the faculty, to provide advice and to represent the students and staff towards the Faculty board. The Faculty council consists of 18 members; nine staff-members (the staff fraction) and nine student-members (the student fraction).

The Board needs the Council's consent in some issues e.g. the Regulations of the Faculty, and the Education and Exam Regulations (OER).  Council members also have the right to advise the Board on all the above issues and to give recommendations for improvements.

The Faculty Board meets with the Council once every six weeks to discuss issues of staffing policy, faculty finance, health and safety regulations, housing, organizational change, the budget, teaching and research.

Next to this there is also a student member in the Faculty Board. This currently is Nadalina Merkelijn.

The Undergratuate and Graduate School of Science and Engineering 

Teaching within FSE is organized in an Undergraduate and a Graduate School of Science and Engineering. The Undergraduate School of Science and Engineering organizes the teaching of Bachelor programmes, while the Graduate School of Science and Engineering organizes the teaching of Master programmes and PhD projects in strong relationship with the research institutes.

There are two student members in the board of the Undergraduate School of Science and Engineering, Irene van Droffelaar and Maarten Pops. There is one master student in the board of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, this is Marijke van der Bijl.

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