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Online Activity
Board 2019 - 2020
Date and time
Jun 30, 2020 20:00 - 22:00
Zoom - link will be shared via email

During this General Members' Meeting, which will be shorter than usually of course, we will discuss the policy evaluation of Board 53, the new strategic plan and the policy plan of the candidate board. At the end of the meeting, the candidate board is hopefully installed to be the 54th board of the association.

Besides this, we will announce the winners of the CoCo . As the situation became really different, we will hand out two prizes during the Transfer-GMM. One for the General Coco and one for the Online coco. 

All documents that will be discussed during the GMM are uploaded on the website. Questions regarding these documents can be sent via email to and will be answered both in a document as well as during the GMM. This document (containing the questions and answers) will be added to the website as a supplementary document. It is highly recommended to read through the documents in advance and questions can be asked until the 28th of June. On the 30th of June, the Zoom link will be shared via email at 19.45h; this is why it is necessary for you to subscribe to the event if you want to join

As this is still new to the most of us, there are some rules we would like you to bear in mind during the meeting, and we want to ask you to take them seriously:

  • We will only accept serious motions concerning the content of the meeting; no other motions will be accepted. 

  • Use your own name when picking a username. It is not possible to join anonymously.

  • Keep your microphone muted when you are not talking

  • Using the webcam is mandatory at the start, in order for us to check your identity, and if you want to ask a question. 

  • Voting will be digitally and anonymous when needed. To vote, you have to participate during the meeting with your own device. This means that if you are sharing a device, only one person is able to vote.

For any other questions, you can always contact us! We hope to see you all there.

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