Academia vs Industry: how to choose - Douwe Egberts


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Apr 8, 2021 17:00 - 18:30
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Academia vs Industry: how to choose - Douwe Egberts

My name is Martin van der Veen, graduated in 2013 in Chemical Engineering at University of Groningen. In making a choice for which programme to subscribe, I made the decision quite straightforward: “what else to study!?” Upon today I am still happy with that choice. Chemistry and Chemical Engineering have always been attracting me. Let’s put it this way: chemistry is everywhere around us and its applications are numerous.

I was acquainted into the food and pharma business during my graduation project as an intern. I remained at Abbott Laboratories (currently also known from the COVID antigen rapid tests) as a process engineer. Later, I worked in a similar role at Jacobs Douwe Egberts. Both jobs were highly satisfying; I enjoyed the application of transport phenomena and pump curves in practice rather than in college hall. Later, I started working as a team lead in maintenance. Something completely different: less chemical engineering, more people manager. However, my technical background still is useful every day.

I would like to share my insights regarding the choices I made in the past years. Furthermore, I hope to clarify somewhat on differences between academics and business. Working in a corporate environment is really something different than the university world. You may realise you have plenty of opportunities having a higher education in a technical discipline. However, what does that mean to you? Where to explore possibilities and how to decide what attracts you? I would like to discuss some of these topics with you all!

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