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Lustrum XI
Lustrum Committee
Date and time
23 May 2022 12:00 - 30 Sep 2022 23:55

We know you’ve been waiting for this opportunity for five years now: buying tickets for the 11th Lustrum of the CB!

This anniversary is held once every five years, and will take place this year from October 3rd to October 9th. We, as the LustrumCie, will organize a week full of parties, drinks, education, career opportunities and other activities. 
During the Lustrum, you will be able to buy separate tickets for all events during the Lustrum. However, we are also selling the so-called passe partout: your very personal VIP ticket, giving you access to almost every activity. The passe partout will give you a discount, and you’ll get an exciting goodie bag with it. Buy them now, and save your future self some financial trouble ;). Interested in some more details on the programme? Follow us on instagram (@lustrum_radical_decb) and check the programme here!

The passe partout costs 40 €, and gives access to (almost) all events during the lustrum week. Since on the first day there will be an opening gala, we will also be selling alcohol-free passes partout for 27,50 €, for people who do not want to drink at the prom. Get your passe partout now, as we do have a limited amount!

Love, the LustrumCie


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