Symposium 2022

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Oct 7, 2022 09:00 - 17:00
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Symposium 2022

Chemistry blown up: Zooming in on the details

It will be miraculous if you survive the following: all carbon atoms in your body simultaneously finding themselves in their 1s22s12p3 configuration. However, this is not unlikely to happen on the 7th of October, when excitement reaches a maximum and the annual symposium takes place! 

The symposium is an annual CB event during which speakers from all over the field of chemistry inform the audience on their latest research or related topics. After each lecture, participants have the opportunity to ask questions while enjoying a hot beverage. 

This year, the following speakers will visit the symposium:

  • Dr. Trevor Hamlin (VU Amsterdam)

  • Prof. Dr. Sarah O’Connor (Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology)

  • Prof. Dr. Edwin Otten (Stratingh Institute)

  • Dr. Hugo van Oosterhout (Zeolyst C.V.)

  • Prof. Dr. Bill Morandi (ETH Zürich)

For more information about the speakers and the programme of the day please click here

As is customary, the symposium will be centered around a theme, namely Chemistry blown up: Zooming in on the details. As this year’s Chair of the Day, Clemens Mayer, puts it: “It takes a tremendous amount of skill, dedication, and passion to explain unexpected or inexplicable observations.” underlining the importance of zooming in on the details.

We hope to see you excited but well on the 7th of October, so sign up below and don’t miss this wonderful celebration of chemistry!

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