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Nov 30, 2021, 5:00:00 PM

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Trip Committee
Date and time
15 Oct 2021 18:15 - 11 Mar 2022 17:00

Dear members,

Upon subscribing to this event, you confirm to us that you are joining the ski trip organized by us. After subscribing it is not possible to unsubscribe anymore. So, keep that in mind!

You are not done yet!

After you have subscribed here, you will receive a link for confirming the trip to Totally Snow (Choke…), our travel agency. Via that link you can fill in your details and arrange your payment to Totally (a payment of 100 euros must be fulfilled immediately after booking). 

A small guideline for subscribing to the ski trip:
- Open the link provided to the Totally website
- Make an account (you might already have an account from the previous trip (TripCie 19-20))
- Fill in your data
Choose your Skipas (8 days= full on skiing/snowboarding/trying to, 7 days = 1st day or last day not skiing/snowboarding/trying to, 6 days = 2 days not skiing/snowboarding/trying to)
- CHOOSE no material: because we will do that via another company, which is much cheaper. Win for you and win for us. 
- Select the pickup and drop off points
- Check and Confirm
- Payment….(I leave that up to you)

Congratulations!! When your payment is complete you are finally done and you are joining the best activity of the year.

If you have trouble with this, please contact Loek, Jesk, Ivar or Adi.

See you on the trip,

TripCie 21-22


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