Meet the (Brightlands) Chemelot Companies

Meet the (Brightlands) Chemelot Companies 2021

Board 54 is very happy to present to you the Online Meet the (Brightlands) Chemelot Companies 2021. We have be working very hard on organizing this event together with Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs, and finally it is time to share some more information.

Date and time: April the 20th 2021 8:50-14:00, online via Blackboard Collaborate of De Chemische Binding nestor page. Click here to enroll.

During this event you will get the amazing opportunity to get to know the companies of the Brightlands Site and the Chemelot Campus. During the event we will have 4 different companies that will give at talk of around 40-45 minutes and then there is some room left of around 15 minutes for questions. After each talk we will have a 15 minutes break before the next company starts, except for the final break, which will last 30 minutes in order to give you the opportunity to have a lunch break. When you subscribe, make sure to attend all the companies! Click here for the time table and here for the companies attending.

Introduction about Brightlands site and Chemelot Campus:

Brightlands is an open innovation community located in Limburg, where over 29.000 innovative entrepreneurs, talented researchers and promising students work together every day on international breakthroughs in the area of sustainability, health and digitalization. Bightlands has 4 different campuses where they focus on:

Brightlands Chemelot Campus is one of the largest chemistry and materials sites in Europe with more than 150 companies and knowledge institutes. Every household in Europe uses materials that originate from Chemelot. They offer a fertile soil for material science and innovation. Within the community you have access to talent, knowledge and excellent services for researchers, entrepreneurs and students. Brightlands Chemelot Campus is the perfect place to study and do research!

If you have any questions or want to know more send an email to