Updates regarding the Corona measures

Dear member, 

Welcome to the COVID-19 page. Here you can find all our updates about the measures due to the Corona pandemic. Via this link, you can find the updates from the university. Recently, the FSE has sent you an email with all their updates regarding the COVID-19 measures. This mail provides a lot of detailed information, and it is worth to read it. Do not hesitate to contact your academic advisor if you want to discuss your study planning or if you need a conversation! They can also help you with tips about studying at home. Please see also the Studying at home quiz. You can find tips, surveys and voluntary initiatives in the table. 

We hope to provide you with enough information via this page. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email or Whatsapp. Together, we hope to make the best out of this. 

Stay safe!

Board 54

Update 03-02-2021

Yesterday there was another press conference on the regulations. The lockdown continues until at least the 2nd of March, and the curfew until the 9th of February. The current regulations are stated below:

- From 21:00-04:30 there is a curfew, you are not allowed to leave the house. 

- All shops with the exception of essentials have been closed. From the 10th of February, ordering and pick up will be possible in other shops. 

- A maximum of 1 visitor is allowed, the maximum group size outside is 2. 

- Public transport is for essential travel only. 

- Education (with the exception of practical) will be done fully online. Primary schools will open on the 8th of February.

- Sport over 18 is allowed only when outside and a maximum of 2 people. Below 18 you can sport in teams, but only outside. 

- Everyone is strongly advised to work from home. 

Stay safe everyone!

Update 23-01-2021

The 20th of January a press conference was given regarding stricter regulations in the lockdown. Besides the stricter lockdown, plans for a curfew were announced, which has now been implemented. From tonight onwards, there will be a curfew from 21:00-4:30. Besides this, a maximum of 1 visitor is now allowed. These stricter regulations have quite an impact on everyone, so make sure you keep in contact with people!

Stay safe!

Update 14-12-2020

Today at 19:00 Mark Rutte gave a speech from Het Torentje about the situation and the new measurements regarding the corona virus. From 00:00 that evening, a new lockdown has started, which meant a number of new regulations: 

- All shops with the exception of essentials have been closed

- A maximum of 2 visitors is allowed, and the maximum group size for outside is 2. 

- Public transport is for essential travel only. 

- Education (with the exception of practical) will be done fully online. 

- Sport over 18 is allowed only when outside and a maximum of 2 people. Below 18 you can sport in teams, but only outside. 

- Everyone is strongly advised to work from home. 

Since our activities were online anyway, this does not change much for us, however the stricter measures do have an impact on everyone. Especially during the holidays it is important to make sure that you have some contact with people, so have some online coffee hours, talk to each other over the phone, and make sure you have a happy holidays!

Stay safe!

Update 13-10-2020

Today the 13th of October at 19:00, a press conference was given with new, stricter measures regarding the coronavirus. These measures include:

- Restaurants and cafes will be closed.

- A maximum of 4 people allowed per group.

- No more alcohol will be sold or allowed to be consumed or kept on your person between 20:00 and 07:00.

- Every indoor area will have a maximum capacity of 30 people, with no more exceptions.

- Face masks in public indoor areas will be compulsory.

- Sporting for people >18 is only allowed in maximum groups of 4, with no contact.

- Any shops (with the exception of provision, like supermarkets) will have to close at maximum 20:00.

An overview of the rules in different situations can be found here:


A full overview of all the rules can be found on https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/onderwerpen/coronavirus-covid-19

These measures taken into account, we have decided that there will be NO PHYSICAL activities for the next 4 weeks at least. This also means that the Funkybal Tournament and Ultimate Frisbee will be cancelled, and there will be no social drinks. We are of course disappointed that we are not able to organise these events, as are the committees, but we feel that this is the right decision and we will try to organise online alternatives to these events. We already have a CB discord, which you can always join if you want to chat or play games. We want to urge everyone to stay safe and follow the new regulations, so we can get on top of the situation again. Keep an eye on our COVID-19 Updates tab on the website for any updates we give, and hopefully we’ll see you at the next online activity!

Stay safe!

Update 01-10-2020

On Monday September 28th, a press conference was held by prime minister Rutte and minister of public health de Jonge regarding the spike in cases. In this press conference they have stated new measures which have gone in effect from Tuesday September 29th 18:00. Here, among other rules, they stated no more than 30 people are allowed in one room indoors, and no more than 40 people are allowed in one gathering outside. Futhermore, wearing a face mask is strongly advised, but not mandated. Lastly, no more than 3 guests are allowed inside one house. A full list of rules can be found here (English) and here (Dutch). 

This has a direct impact on how we organise activities. From now on, until further notice, activities indoors have been capped at 30 people and outdoors at 40 people. For each upcoming activity, a corona guideline document will be uploaded 48 hours before the event to the useful information tab. Also in the useful information tab, you can find the up-to-date plans of action in certain situations. Lastly, the Committee Competition will be adjusted to fit the new rules.

We are trying to do physical activities again. This can, however, only continue if we abide by the rules which are set in place by the authorities. We ask you kindly to follow the guidelines set in place.

Stay safe!

Update 13-06-2020

A month ago we asked our members if they wanted to help us make a small difference in this new Corona-world through donating lab goggles to the Red Cross. The Red Cross will distribute these lab goggles across different hospitals in the Netherlands, where they will be put to good use. We are happy to inform you that some of our members joined this initiative. From our members we collected 162 euro for lab goggles, and the association also chipped in by donating the ‘borrow’ lab goggles that we had laying around. This means that we have send a total of 36 lab goggles to the Red Cross. We are thankful to everyone that wanted to make a small difference together with us!

Stay safe everyone!

Update 03-06-2020

As many of you probably expected, the ICE camp has been cancelled. This was upon recommendation of the Faculty Board and the Board and 25 committee decided that organizing a camp on 1,5m would become very difficult. As we feel we should still offer the first years an introduction to the association, the ICE committee is now working on a new plan for introductory activities during the first weeks of September.

Update 25-03-2020

We are sad to announce that all physical activities that were planned for this academic year are cancelled. This is due to the measures the Dutch government took on the 23rd of March, which include banning all gatherings until the 1st of June. Activities planned in June, such as the End of the Year BBQ and the Transfer GMM are cancelled for now as well; we will look at a possibility to reschedule these. We are disappointed that the association’s year ends like this, as there were almost more 40 activities yet to come, but staying healthy and fighting the corona virus has the priority.

As a study association, we still want to offer you support in these strange times. Therefore, we are looking into the possibilities of giving online educational support or organizing social online activities. Committees are encouraged to think about these and all suggestions are welcome! Besides that, suggestions on how to make the quarantine life easier are always appreciated;).

If you have any complaints or tips regarding the online lectures or tutorials, you are more than welcome to share them with us and maybe we are able to help you!

Update 13-03-2020

We are sorry to announce that the members' lounge will be closed until at least the 10th of April. All events until the 31st of March will be cancelled. We realize this is may be disappointing and value the efforts that have been made to realize the upcoming activities, but health and safety are our main concerns right now. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us: board@chemische-binding.nl . To follow the measures the university has taken, you can use Nestor.

Update 12-03-2020

Due to the situation regarding the Corona virus, the Board has decided to close the members' lounge tomorrow. More information about cancellation of events will follow tomorrow. As for now, you can stay updated on the measurements the University has taken on Nestor.