Updates regarding the Corona measures

Dear member,

As the government announced a partial lockdown for the upcoming 3 weeks until at least 4 December, the faculty of science and Engineering (FSE) also announced new measures that will apply on campus. Hereby we give you an update about the new rules:

  • The members' lounge needs to be closed. We will still have coffee, tea and snacks available for you to pick up from 11:00 until 15:00! You are just not allowed to stay in the lounge.
  • The board room is still open so if you want to pick up a purchase made via the webshop or have a question for the board you can still come by.
  • Social activities are no longer allowed to take place on Campus. Career and educational related activities can still take place on campus. (With a maximum of 75 people per room, wearing a mask when walking and while keeping in mind to keep your distance to others.) Keep an eye on the website to check for updates about future activities. 

Via this link, you can find the updates from the university. Do not hesitate to contact your academic advisor if you want to discuss your study planning or if you need a conversation! They can also help you with tips about studying at home. Please see also the Studying at home quiz

We hope to provide you with enough information via this page. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at board@chemische-binding.nl or come by the board room.

Stay safe!

Board 55