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During your studies, it is also key to look at your future. Where do you want to be after you graduate? Most chemists and chemical engineers end up working in industry or academia, but how do you get those jobs? And how do you know if these careers suit you? All these questions can overwhelm you, but De Chemische Binding is here to help.

What we can do for you

De Chemische Binding helps students to orient themselves career-wise by collaborating with companies in the (chemical) industry and research. By organizing for example excursions, lectures, lunches, and symposia our members can get an impression of the business world and how things are managed in the (chemical) industry and research. Besides orientation, we also organize workshops to enable you to develop (soft) skills to help you function better in your studies and future career!

Via the links on the left, you can find out more about our events. Besides that, you can also find company profiles and vacancies of our sponsors here. These company profiles are useful tools to orient yourself and to get in contact with companies and future employers!

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