General information

You can order books via De Chemische Binding if you are a member of De Chemische Binding. You can order your books by clicking here. If you're not a member yet, you can become one by clicking here.

The books are fulfilled by an external party, namely StudyStore. Ordering via De Chemische Binding entitles you to a discount!

You can select your books by selecting your year and the required books. The book lists are created with close contact with the course coordinators and with the help of Ocasys. This is the official source provided by the university on which books are needed.

The books are home delivered and you will receive a track & trace code to follow your parcel. Make sure you order the books on time to get the books before the course starts.

To order books at our webshop you will need an account. This account however is different from your general De Chemische Binding account, so if it’s your first visit to our webshop you need to create a new account. With this account, you cannot log onto the website and webmail for example.

If you have any questions about ordering books or the webshop, try the contact section of the webshop. If that doesn’t work, you can email them to , also check your spam for responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could it be that I have not yet received a confirmation of my order by email?
​You will always receive a confirmation of your order by email within 24 hours. When after 24 hours you still did not receive a confirmation of your order, please log in to your account to view your order.

How do I order books?
You can order books here. After selecting the correct period and year you can order your books. Make sure to order the right books. You need a special account to order books via the webshop. This is a different account from your general De Chemische Binding account. Furthermore, you have to select whether you are a member of De Chemische Binding or want to become a member. However to be a member you still need to sign up at our website via this link.

What is my username?
A special account is needed for ordering books. This account differs from the general De Chemische Binding account. You have to register just once during your checkout. When ordering books the next time the same account can be used.

I’m not a member of De Chemische Binding, can I still order books from De Chemische Binding webshop?
Yes, but you will not receive a discount. It’s required to be a member of De Chemische Binding to get the discount. You can sign up via this link.

I can’t find my books on the list, what should I do?
You can look up any book we have in stock on the right side of the webshop. If you still can’t find your book, please mail us at and tell us which book you need and for which course.

I have ordered my books, when can I expect them?
Books won’t be delivered until the last week before the new period begins. If you order in the week before the new period starts or when the period has already started, the delivery time varies. Most of the time it takes about five business days.

I have an issue with my order, who can I contact?

You can contact the StudyStore who supply our textbooks. This can be done by phoning 088-2030369, our by filling out their contact form found here. The StudyStore also have their own FAQ which you can refer to if you can't find the answer you are looking for here!

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