De Chemische Binding

The association

De Chemische Binding is a study association for students of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the University of Groningen and was founded as such in 1967. The association provides its members with study and career oriented support and organizes social activities as well.

Study support

As a study association, we support our members during their studies by organizing exam practice sessions, remedial teaching sessions and course specific excursions. These extracurricular sessions give you a better preparation for you exams, re-exams and research. Since it is mandatory to get your BSA (45 ECT), we support our first year students in reaching this goal by organizing the above mentioned sessions.

Career oriented support

After you have graduated, it is important to know what you want to do. Therefore, we organize excursions, masterclasses, lectures, symposia, trainings and other career orientating activities. The association provides the students with information about possible career paths and brings them in contact with different employers.

Social activities

After a hard day of studying, it is important to relax. That is why we also organize social activities such as sport events, a Christmas dinner, social drinks, movie nights and many more. These activities are the perfect place to get to know your fellow students, PhD students and professors.

Become active!

De Chemische Binding has many different committees that for example organize the activities (aXie), the social drinks (BorrelCie), the Support Sessions (Education Committee) or the guest lectures (Lecture Committee). A more extensive list of all committees can be found on the site! Committees provide a platform for students to develop communicational, interpersonal and leadership skills. Joining one of them can be a great asset. If you are curious about joining one of them, please contact one of the (board) members.

Our sponsors