Dear prospective student,

Due to the COVID-19 measures that have to be taken into account, there will be an Alternative Introduction Camp organized by the study association. The purpose of the introduction camp (ICE camp) is to get acquainted with your new fellow first year students, the study association and older students in a nice and informal way. The camp is a great way to dive into your study year after the summer break, and provides a great opportunity to make new friends and get more information about your studies!

We have endeavoured to let this alternative-camp fulfill the same purposes! Here is a little bit about the camp.

The alternative introduction camp will consist of Friday 4th and Saturday 5th of September, in which the afternoon and the evening will be filled with activities at a location in Groningen. This camp does not include sleeping. This alternative camp is not mandatory but it is strongly recommended to join.

A pleasant and enjoyable weekend is guaranteed, so sign up so you can start off your study years the best possible way! Please do so in time before university starts, as in 1st of September. For more information check out this website in the upcoming month and in case of any queries don’t hesitate to contact us at

We would also like to point out to you the camp rules and the packing list:

Camp rules Alternative ICE camp 2020

During the camp we have the following rules:

−    Adhere to the COVID-19 measures; keep 1.5 meter distance from others and wash your hands         frequently, disinfectant will be available as well.
−    Your participation is at your own risk. We do however ask you to stay home if you have had any of the following symptoms a few days prior to the event: fever, dry cough, tiredness or other indications that you might be infected with the Coronavirus.

−    English is the main language during the camp
−    Always listen to the committee, they have the last say
−    Inform the committee if there is something wrong
−    The cooking crew is in charge of the food; don’t go into the kitchen yourself
−    Stick to the schedule
−    Participation is at your own risk
−    No alcohol under the age of 18
−    It’s forbidden to give alcohol to people below 18
−    It’s forbidden to bring your own alcohol
−    No hard liquor
−    Don’t drink too much
−    No weapons
−    No drugs
−    Adhere to the house rules of the location

If you break these rules:
-    The first time you receive a warning.
-    The second time you will be removed from the camp.

If at any point during the camp you feel intimidated, harassed or uncomfortable in any way, there will be two confidential advisers present who can help you.

Packing list Alternative ICE camp 2020

Face mask
Wallet including identity card
    -> No alcohol without valid ID card
Insurance card
Your medicines
Sporting clothes and shoes
Kitchen towel
Optional: hippies themed party outfit or accessory
Optional: games (like cards)

We hope to see you there!

ICE committee 2020

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Programme Faculty Introduction Day

A mandatory Faculty Introduction Day will be organized for you on August 28th, as mentioned in the welcoming letter from the study association.

The programme will be uploaded later.

Programme Alternative ICE camp

1st day of ICE weekend
Friday 4th of September

15.00 - Cycling to location
15.30 - Group people
15.45 - Introduction activity with group
17.00 - Games
18.00 - Dinner
19.00 - Pubquiz

2nd day of ICE weekend
Saturday 5th of September

12.00 - Lunch
13.00 - Committee round
15.00 - Break
15.30 - Sports and games
18.00 - Dinner
19.00 - End activity

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