Faculty and University

Faculty Board

The Faculty Board is responsible for the faculty as a whole. The board consists of five people, one of which is the student assessor. This student rotates yearly and has an advisory role within the board. The other members of the board are installed for a longer period of time. Who is currently in the faculty board can be found here

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the student representation on the faculty level. The Faculty Council is there to check whether the Faculty Board executes their tasks well.
The Faculty Council consists of 18 members; nine staff-members and nine student-members. The Faculty Board needs the Council's consent on some topics, like the regulations of the faculty and the Education and Exam Regulations (OER). Council members also have the right to advise the Faculty Board on any issues that arise in the faculty. The Faculty Board meets with the Council once every six weeks to discuss any relevant issues. You can find any additional information here.

Programme Directors

Every programme has a Deputy Programme Director, Master and Bachelor programmes can have different directors, who is responsible for the curriculum of the programme in question. Besides this, there is a Degree Programme Coordinator that support the programme in a more general sense. For more information on who these people are and how to contact them look here

Undergraduate School of Science and Engineering

The undergraduate School of Science and Engineering (USSE) is responsible for managing all Bachelor programmes. The USSE has two student representatives within its board. Who these representatives are and other information can be found here.

Graduate School of Science and Engineering

The Graduate School of Science and Engineering (GSSE) is very similar to the USSE, but instead responsible for the Master  programmes. Besides these they also manage the PhD research in collaboration with the research institutes. The GSSE has one student representative. More information on the GSSE can be found here.

Programme Committee

The task of the Programme Committees is to give advice on all education-related matters in the relevant discipline. A Programme Committee can issue its advice to the Programme Director, to the Faculty Board (usually through the Programme Director) or to individual lecturers. The Programme Committee also handles the course evaluations. One half of the members of the Programme Committee are students and the other half are staff. Members are appointed by the Faculty Board on the recommendation of the Programme Director.

For the Bachelor and Master of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering there is one Programme Committee.

If you need any additional information on the Programme Committee for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, such as its members or how to contact them on any issues regarding a certain programme you can look here


The Bètastuf is the overarching organization for all the student representatives in the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE). The Board of the Bètastuf (BOB) is responsible for the Bètastuf. The BOB is a four-headed board which consists of a chair, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer. You can contact the board via bestuur@bètastuf.nl. On their website they offer more information about the student representation within the FSE.



The university has much more going on than just a collection of programmes and research institutes. Here we’ve collected a short description of the important institutes within the university. For more information you can always click the respective links.

Board of the University

The board of the university is responsible for the university as a whole. This board consists of three people and a student assessor. Who are currently in the board can be found here

University Council

The University Council is a controlling organ for the University Board. They have to approve on some issues before the university can move forward and on other issues they have the right to give advice. The University Council consists of 24 people, 12 of which are students and 12 of which are staff.
The students representatives are divided into multiple parties. The main ones (in alphabetical order) are Calimero, DAGDe Vrije Student and SOG. For more information on these individual parties you can follow the respective links. For more information on the university council as a whole, click here

The Office

The office is an institution within the university that has a very wide range of responsibilities for an overview of everything they do, click here.

University Library

The university library is responsible for maintaining the university library (as the name suggests) for more information on how exactly they do this, click here.

Center for Information Technology

The Center for Information technology (CIT) is the university’s IT department. They are responsible for all the computers whether they are used for education, research or something else. For more information on the CIT, click here.

Internal service Department

The Internal Services Department is mostly responsible for managing the staff of the university. For more information, click here