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If you would like to become a member of study association ‘De Chemische Binding’, you can do so by clicking the top left button ‘Become a Member ‘on the site. If you have troubles with your subscription you can always send a mail to

Administrational Changes

In case of a change in your data, e.g. your (mail)address or bank account, please inform the Board by sending a mail to

Ending your membership

You membership will NOT end automatically when you have finished your studies or stopped studying. If you wish to end your membership you have to send a mail to
However, if you want to stay updated on the association, you can also become an alumnus!


Being an alumnus is free and you will get the periodical magazine ‘The Elemental’ send by mail. If you wish to receive ‘The Elemental’ by paper mail, this can be arranged. However, to cover the expenses this will cost you €5 per year.
​As an alumnus you can still participate in De CB activities and you will also be contacted for alumni activities, e.g. the lustrum alumni day. 

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