The masters within the FSE consists of two years. There are several moments for master orientation. First of all a master information session is organized by the programme and De CB to introduce all master programmes of the University of Groningen for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Next to this the KNCV organizes the Carbon Masterdag, where all master programmes for Chemistry and/or Chemical Engineering of the Netherlands can introduce themselves. More information about this event can be found here

The master Chemistry offers three tracks, which are in similar areas of expertise as those in the bachelor:

  • Advanced Materials
  • Catalysis and Green Chemistry
  • Chemical Biology

Next to this it is also possible to follow the Science, Business and Policy track within the second year of the Chemistry master. The Chemistry master also offers a specialization in ‘Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling’. For more information about the Chemistry master, check the UG website. The courses and description can be found on Ocasys.

The master Chemical Engineering has five tracks:

  • Catalysis and Green Chemistry
  • Polymer Products
  • Biobased Products
  • Industrial Catalysts

For more information, check the UG website. The courses and their description can be found on Ocasys.

There are also two general masters that can be followed after finishing the bachelor Chemistry or Chemical Engineering: