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Introduction Committee (ICE)

Joeri ten Kate (2014) Chairman
Lisl Miedema (2017) Secretary
Stefanie Bianchetti (2017) Treasurer
Karlijn Meerman (2017) Activities
Pepijn Rang (2017) Facultary Introduction Day
Nienke Langeland

Hey everyone,

nICE to meet you! My name is Nienke Langeland, I am 19 years old and I am the chairman of the ICE committee 2017. Together with our committee we will organize your introduction period. Last year I started studying chemical engineering here in Groningen. In this year I made a lot of new friends, this all started at the ICE camp. That is why I advICE you to, besides the Faculty Introduction Day, sign up for the camp as well. It’s going to be a great weekend and a good start of the new year! So don’t think twICE and sign up!!


Mieke Nijhof

Hey everyone!

My name is Mieke, and I’m the secretary of the ICE committee. I’m 18 years old and I’m currently in my first year. I am really looking forward to organising a camp that will be as fun as the camp I attended myself last year. When I came to the Faculty Introduction Day, I didn’t know anyone. After that, I went to the ICE camp and met a lot of people, who I now call my friends. Please do yourself a favour and come to the camp with us, I promise it will be fun!

I hope to see you all there :)

Mieke Nijhof

Andy Sardjan


I'm Andy, next year I'll continue my bachelors chemistry and physics. For having a good time whilst studying it is important (necessary) to make a lot of friends. I did this at the last ICE-camp and I hope that you will all do this at the next ICE camp. This is why I would advise you to come to our camp. Let's face it: all chemists are nerds that can't make friends



Hanne Bosch


I’m Hanne and in the coming academic year I will be going through the second year of the Chemistry Bachelor. But before all of that happens I’ll be organizing the Faculty Introduction Day, and the ICE camp that follows. Last year I had a great time at our camp and I plan to give you the same amazing experience. I look forward to meeting all of you in person on the FID and hopefully a little more personally on the ICE camp


FID Coordinator

Hans Veldkamp

Hey guys,

My name is Hans, I am 19 years old and I am the Activities Coordinator of the ICE. Next year I will be second year Chemical Engineering student. My introduction camp was awesome and made a lot of great friends. I hope you will have the same enjoyment like I had. We are going to do some fantastic activities. Do you want to start your year special? Make friends? Meet me in real life? Go to the ICE camp!

Kind Regards,

Hans Veldkamp

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