About Us

Introduction Committee (ICE)

Jacob-Jan Haaksma (2020) Chair
Maria Kathryn L. Alberto (2020) Secretary
Maria Priscilla Moniaga (2020) Treasurer
Qadir Abdul K Khan (2020) Activities Coordinator
Shahrzad Shafei (2020) Faculty Introduction Day Coordinator

Jacob-Jan Haaksma

Ah yes, no committee is ever complete without a chairman to bully. Hailing from a small village that I genuinely cannot remember the name of, further proving how klein his village is, is Jacob. His personality traits are, just to name a few, being Frisian and reliable. Those two traits do not, absolutely do NOT, correlate. He also makes head-boppingly good Spotify playlists, which is a god-tier compliment coming from someone who doesn’t have a music subscription. You may perhaps see him in our Introduction Camp, clad in his signature black turtleneck and grey plaid pants, aka his Steve Jobs cosplay. 

Written by Cilla

Maria Kathryn Alberto

This year’s secretary of the ICE committee is Kath! Her job is to make sense out of all the bullshit we say during the meetings and write it down in a neat way. Kath came flying all the way from Dubai to the Netherlands to study here. Unfortunately for her, she made the mistake to choose Chemical Engineering over Chemistry. Even though Kath tries to argue she’s introverted, you will hear her laugh from 2 lightyears away, especially when she’s drunk (read: after 1.5 beer). Other than that, she is just a lovely fun person to be around and you would not regret saying hi to her at the camp. 

Written by Jacob



Maria Priscilla Moniaga

To stop us from elaborately spending our budget is Maria Priscilla, or Cilla for short. Coming from Indonesia to study Chemistry, Cilla brings her skills to limit the bills and her elite sarcastic humour. However, like that one friend we all know, Cilla loves using “uwu” and has never played Minecraft. Jokes aside, she is really friendly, creative and loves to doodle whenever she is bored, and wherever she can (i.e. the fume hood sash during biochemistry practicals). Like the rest of the ICE committee, you can also spot her wearing glasses, ready to rant about the Dutch weather.

Written by Qadir

Qadir Khan

Coming to you from Qatar, no, Pakistan, no, Switzerland is perhaps the most international member of our committee, Qadir. He is the man behind all the ”fun” activities designed to lure you into the hive-mind, our very own activities coordinator. If you are looking for the most responsible member of our committee, look no further: Qadir will guide you through any situation with his calm disposition and excellent work ethic. When you recognize him at the camp by his signature rectangular glasses feel free to stop by and ask him all the reasons why he chose to go for chemical engineering rather than chemistry. 

Written by Shahrzad


Shahrzad Shafei

S, being the First-Year’s Committee’s previous chairman with her secretary as Jacob, is here to take revenge and ‘try’ to bully him back. Shahrzad is a unique but hard name to spell but trust that your autocorrect will eventually learn it so don’t let this hinder you from saying hi and sharing a nice bottle of beer with her! She is lightweight, please be careful :D Just a few nice things, she has a terrible sense of direction but somehow always convinces you to trust her with directions (we could all learn a thing or two on persuading) and she has an amazing taste in music!

Written by Kath