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Introduction Committee (ICE)

Noa Sandra Huisman (2021) Chairman
Jesse Korsten (2021) Secretary
Hellen Keizer (2021) Treasurer
Jelle Stout (2021) Faculty Introduction Day Coordinator
Naomi Cruz (2021) Activities Coordinator

Noa  Huisman

As the name suggests Noa is the captain of our Arc, as the chair of the ICE committee she gets to boss us around (her dream since she met us) and makes sure everyone does their job. I met Noa in the ICE camp in my first year when she was just a child of 16, now at the age 17 she leads the ICE camp (oh they grow up so fast). Noa is known for the amazing cookies she baked at the Christmas dinner. You will see her in most CB events, she is a lot of fun to talk to so don't be afraid to strike up a conversation. Also if you see her tell her she owes Naomi cookies.

Written by Naomi 

Jesse Korsten, (here seen whenever Noa wrote a minute)

Jesse is our secretary, which fits him well, since he is the only slightly serious one during our meetings. Although he has to be to keep up with all of our chaos. Jesse is also in the first-year committee, which you might be interested in as upcoming first-years. You can find Jesse at quite a few social activities from the CB and he is always in for a beer, or two ;) Don't hesitate to approach him with any question you have, if you even bring a beer he will even be more than happy to help you.

Wirtten by Hellen 



Hellen Keizer, seen here saying hihihihi, …

Hellen Keizer is this year's sugar mommy, ehm... treasurer. This means that she is in charge of all the money we spend, and let me tell you something... she is good at spending. She grew up in the province Gelderland but spent her teenage years in the middle of nowhere in the province Groningen. She likes to do gymnastics and go out for a beer, which hasn't gone wrong... yet. She is very enthusiastic and speaks her mind, so if you have any questions just ask her :). She is looking forward to seeing you all at the camp!

Written by Noa

Jelle Stout,

Jelle looks like a cool dude, no fear, very masculine. But on the inside he is quite the softy. But for our Faculty introduction day coordinator, he does not need to be strong, and we do love him very much. As our Faculty Introduction day coordinator, he is the boss of the entire Faculty Introduction day, which means he can boss around professors for once, instead of the other way around. He also makes sure that everyone has a pleasant experience on their first day at campus. This means that he will be quite busy before the 2nd of September. But after that, his lazy ass can just relax and enjoy the camp without having to do all the hard work (we are very jealous of him). But do look out for him while he is there since you don’t want to get on his bad side…….

Written by Jesse



Naomi Cruz,

Naomi Cruz, adequately nicknamed “Bob”, is seen here failing to play the sport she herself organized. As she is already a part of the Sport and Borrel committees (at the same time) being activity coordinator at the ICE is a job made for her. Hailing from India, no wait Qatar, no wait… England? no no Portugal, nevermind… all at once, she now studies in the Netherlands. Her lack of proper eating or sleeping habits are made up by her motivation for creating fun times during the ICE camp (or as she calls it “bullying the first years”). She is the riskiest person in a lab but luckily the camp will be away from chemicals (or slightly pointy tables and doors hopefully). 

Written by Jelle

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