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Introduction Committee (ICE)

Josephine Lewin (2018) Chairman
Jitse Cruijs (2018) Secretary
Jildou Schotanus (2018) Treasurer
Lorenzo Impelluso (2018) Activities Coordinator
Ivar Daniël Jansen (2018) Facultary Introduction Day Coordinator

Josephine Lewin

Josephine Lewin, the lovely chair of the ICE committee. She is in charge of leading this committee and making sure everyone does their job. Even though she likes to think of herself as the boss, as she is a bit of a control freak, Josephine makes sure everything runs smoothly. There is a lot of other things that could be said about Josephine, but we can boil it down to a few fun facts you should know about her. Her favourite colour is green. Trying to beat her at either Catan or Harry Potter trivia will be a futile effort. Created one of the best playlists ever. She is able to link Harry Potter music to the exact scene in any of the movies, this might be an indication that either she has a amazing memory or has seen the movies too often.

Favourite spy movie (probably): The Man with the Golden Gun

Written by Jildou Schotanus

Jitse Cruijs

This year the secretary of the ICE committee is Jitse Cruijs! Jitse is currently a first year chemistry student, but a place where you’re probably more likely to find him than at the RuG is at Gyas. Because this bad boy is rowing Top C4, he likes to call himself a “professional” sportsman. Being a rower, however, doesn’t mean that he is totally in his element in the water, since he once shattered his tooth while diving in a shallow lake after walking right past a NO DIVING sign. That says enough, right? Still, you’ll never see him without a smile. Hope to see you at the camp!

Favorite spy movie: Kingsman

Written by Ivar Jansen


Jildou Schotanus

Jildou, AKA the cat lady, AKA the pet lady, AKA animal lady, AKA zoo keeper is this year’s Treasurer for the ICE committee! She's the one who handles the big bucks in the committee, making her our sugar mama. Jildou's second favourite thing after cats are musicals but when she isn't watching musicals she is watching her favourite show... Game of Thrones. Jildou likes to feel fancy when she gets drunk, therefore her drink of choice tends to be wine but don't worry: she won't deny your other offers!

Favourite spy movie: Kingsman: The Secret Service

Written by Lorenzo Impelluso

Ivar Jansen

And lastly in this committee is Ivar Jansen, the faculty introduction day coordinator. He is the one that makes sure the introduction day and the kick-off week runs smoothly. Ivar also has a few different names: some call him peanut for instance, but he has other nicknames as well. Besides peanuts Ivar is also a very big fan of asian food, you can always cheer him up with a nice curry. Another thing you might notice is that he will apologize for being drunk (which means he apologizes a lot). The only Italian he knows is ‘Grazie’, of which he is very proud as well. And if you ever not want to do something, you just play a game of ‘Dakkie’ with Ivar: you will always win! But luckily he is very good at organizing the introduction day, which is why we couldn’t do without the last member of the committee!

Favorite spy movie: Skyfall

Written by Josephine Lewin



Lorenzo Impelluso

Lorenzo is the activities coordinator, which means that he is responsible for all the fun stuff. He is also Italian so he eats pasta daily (I think) and speaks Dutch fluently if saying ‘’bonnetje mee’’ in the supermarket after paying is the only thing we say. Lorenzo is also our cultural diversity guy as he has lived in five different countries which makes him akin to Pitbull aka Mr. worldwide, with an added bonus of actually having hair. Even though Lorenzo is so culturally affluent he has barely watched any spy movies which makes him the rookie detective of the group.

Favourite spy movie: Bridge of Spies

Written by Jitse Cruijs