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Introduction Committee (ICE)

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Joeri ten Kate - Chair

This is Joeri ten Kate, the chair of the committee. He is the oldest (and wisest) of us all. If you have a question regarding the association, no matter how weird, he probably knows the answer. Even though Joeri doesn’t drink, at most parties he’s the one getting down the hardest on the dance floor. Just ask anyone who went to the ICE after party last year. Because Joeri is already in his 4th year of chemistry, we consider him the grandpa of the group. A grandpa with very loose hips that is! During his time at the Chemische Binding, he has never lost a twerking battle. Are you the one who kicks him off his throne?

Xoxo Pepijn ‘I AM really good at Mario Kart’ Rang - Coordinator Faculty Introduction Day


Lisl Miedema - Secretary

The one and only international in our committee and also the secretary: Lisl Miedema. Lisl is from a small village called Stiens which is located in the province of Fryslân. Although, Stiens is nothing like a big city such as New York, she does sometimes like to call herself an ‘uptown girl from Stiens’. This uptown girl is now 20 years old and is studying chemical engineering. You will never see her without her smile and once the party has started, her crazy dance moves might impress you. So don’t be afraid to challenge her to a dance battle!  

Xoxo Stef B  - Treasurer


Stefanie Bianchetti - Treasurer

I would like to introduce to you our money spending brunetti: Stefanie Bianchetti. She is 19 years old and currently doing her first year of the Chemical Engineering Bachelor. Besides studying she likes to make selfies in strange places. Unfortunately, last year she was ill so she missed, wat turned out to be, an amazing weekend. So this year she will join the camp as treasurer of the committee. I encourage you to not only go to the FID but also to go on the camp, and while you are there take some weird selfies with her!

Xoxo Joeri ‘Joerd’ ten Kate - Chair


Pepijn Rang - Faculty Introduction Day

Hereby I would like to introduce you the one and only Pepijn Rang, also known as Peppie, or the one that thinks he’s good at Mario Kart but actually isn’t. Pep is now an 18 year old chemistry student and your guy for the faculty introduction day. He tried his best to make something fun of it, and looking at Pep’s spontaneity this must lead to a success. Besides his love for cats, he also has a great love for mullets, so make sure you’re there to check out his awesome hairstyle! All with all, we’re sure you’ll have an amazing time at the introduction day and camp (and looking at Pep’s mullet) so we hope to see you all then!

Xoxo Karlie  -  Activities Coordinator


Karlijn Meerman– Activities Coordinator

Say: Car-line

Let me introduce you to one of the sweetest members of our committee: Karlijn Meerman! She will be the person that organizes the activities of our camp. Karlijn is currently a first years Chemical Engineering student of 18 years old. Besides studying, she also likes to tennis and party at TAM (Tennis Albertus Magnus). Literally translated ‘tam’ means: tame. Does this fit Karlijns personality? Spot the brunette while she’s making a campfire or organizing your volleyball tournament and ask for one of Carly’s wild tales.

Xoxo Lies - Secretary

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