The University of Groningen offers a few possibilities for your minor:

  1. Deepening minor: Science for Scientists. This minor consists of courses within the area of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. This minor is meant for students who like to deepen their knowledge of their own study. The courses of this minor can be found on Ocasys.
  2. Broadening minor: also known as University Minors. These minors can be followed by all students of the university and are suited for students who are looking for something completely different than their study as their minor. You can find a list of all University Minors here. Please note that not all of these minors are in English.
  3. Educational minor: this minor is for Dutch students only and will grant them a ‘beperkte tweedegraads bevoegdheid’, which will allow them to teach people up to a certain level of education. More information can be found here.
  4. Put together your own minor: You can assemble your own minor if you want. To do so, you can select minor courses which are already picked for you on Ocasys or, if you want to do other courses which are not listed, request permission from the Board of Examiners. Contact the academic advisor for more information.
  5. Doing a minor abroad: If you want to do your minor abroad, start early! Contact the academic advisor and the International Exchange Office around the start of the second year to see what the possibilities are.

More general information about the minors can be found here.

It is hard for Chemical Engineers to do something outside their programme since they only have 5 ECTS of free choice for a minor course. If they want to do something else, it should be extracurricular. You can contact the academic advisor about the possibilities.

If you are not entirely sure which minor you should take, you can check out the "Student Minor Experience" tap, to see how different students experienced their minor.

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