The first year of the bachelor is the same for both Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. There is however a small difference in the programme, because not all courses are given at the same time. In the second year, the bachelors will split. There will still be an overlap consisting of three courses, but most of these courses are not given at the same time as the other study programme. In the third year, there is no longer any overlap between Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Before the start of the second year, the choice between Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is made.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering has a set programme for the rest of the Bachelor, only 5 ECTS in the third year is available for a minor course. For an overview of all the courses of the Bachelor Chemical Engineering, check Ocasys.


Chemistry consists of three tracks, you have to choose one of these tracks at the start of your second year.

  1. Sustainable Chemistry and Energy: in this track, you focus on using chemistry to enhance sustainability and the production of clean energy.
  2. Smart Materials: With this track, you will look into different properties of materials, and for what you can use these materials.
  3. Chemistry of Life: here you learn how chemical synthesis is used in biological processes.

To find more information on the track choices see the tab "Tracks". There you can find an Elemental Track Choice Edition and some personal experience from other students.

In the second year, there are three track courses and the other nine courses are shared by all tracks. In the third year, six courses are free choice: this is the minor (for more information, check the tab ‘Minor’). In the third period, the track practical and two-track courses are followed and the final period is the bachelor thesis. For an overview of all courses of the bachelor Chemistry, check Ocasys.

Bachelor Research Project

The final period of the third year is reserved for the Bachelor Research Project. This project will be done by one of the research groups. The research groups are grouped under research institutes. To look at the different research groups you can check the "Research Institutes" tab. More information about the Bachelor Research Project can be found here.

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