About Us

Symposium Committee

Annelise Dols (2018) Chairman
Preslav Smits (2017) Secretary
Matthijs Jonker (2016) Treasurer
Lieke Germain (2018) Acquisition
Martijn Hoving (2017) Contact Speakers

Sveiki visi! My name is Ineta Stankute and I am the chairman of Symposium committee 2018. I come from Lithuania, a beautiful country near Baltic sea. I just finished my bachelor in Chemical engineering and will start master in September 2018. And Yes, only one future chemical engineer in the committee… I look forward to learn more about research occurring in different Chemistry and Chemical engineering fields, see you on the 11th of October 2018!

I am Jelte Jelsema, the youngest member of the committee at 21 years old. Within the committee I fill the shoes of secretary, which consists mainly of writing the minutes and managing our email. After attending an organized extracurricular lecture organized by the CB, I wanted to organize similar events in the future myself and ended up joining this committee. As the least experienced member I aim to learn as much as I can from my fellow members. Organizing the event has gone smoothly up to this point and I am proud of what we have achieved so far. This years symposium will deliver, I hope to see you there. 

Hello there, I am Martijn Deinum, a 23 year old chemistry student at the University of Groningen. I am the treasurer of the symposium committee. I joined this committee because I think it is awesome to organize an event with speakers from different countries and scientific fields that come together and speak about relevant topics. There is a lot to learn and a symposium might offer new insights and ideas to those attending. In my free time I like to socialize, play chess or go to the movies. I hope to see you at the symposium on the 11th of October 2018!

My name is Laura Slappendel and I am a master student in chemistry at the moment. Currently I am acquisition and promotion of Symposium committee. I became a member of the committee because I really like to organize big events and next to that the previous symposia were really interesting.

I’m Mónica and with 28 years of life I’m the wise old wizard of the group (yes, it is technically correct to use wizard for females). I was born in Lima (Peru) and grew up in Aruba, which is part of the Dutch Kingdom (which is kind of the reason why I speak Dutch and am Dutch). My interest has always been in the realm of science. Yet I ended up with a law degree, working as a layout and graphic designer, writer, translator, content manager, and paralegal before I came here. Chemistry is still my bae (do kids still say this?) because it is rational magic! Next academic year I’ll start my master in chemistry (theoretical chemistry and computational modeling track).  Aside from the symposium committee, I am also busy with the redakcie. Of course, this isn’t enough so I also work as a reporter and web assistant at Science LinX (the Faculty of Science and Engineering’s outreach and science center). I joined the symposium committee because I like connecting people and ideas. What a better way then a symposium to bring interesting guest-speakers and students together to potentially spark future collaborations. 

f.l.t.r: Monica, Martijn, Ineta, Jelte, Laura