About Us

Symposium Committee

Florian Cerpentier (2012) Chairman
Arne Hefting (2016) Secretary
Tuan Tran (2015) Treasurer
Adaugo Uche (2016) Speakers
Annemarie Doze (2015) Public Relations

This year’s symposium committee of De Chemische Binding consists of:

Florian Cerpentier - Chairman 

Arne Hefting - Secretary

Tuan Tran - Treasurer

Adaugo Uche - Contact Speakers

Annemarie Doze - External Affairs 

We have been very busy with organizing the symposium and are really looking forward to the 12th of October. We hope to meet you there!

f.l.t.r. Tuan, Annemarie, Florian, Adaugo, Arne

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