After your first year of the Bachelor of Chemistry, you have to choose a Track you will follow in your second and third years of the Bachelor.

You can choose from three tracks:

  1. Chemistry of Life - With chemistry of life you study how molecules in living organisms execute chemical processes.
  2. Sustainable Chemistry and EnergyWithin the specialisation of sustainable chemistry and energy you use chemistry to enhance sustainability and to produce clean energy.
  3. Smart MaterialsWithin this specialisation, you will search for 'smart' materials, for example, those that produce electricity or can change temperature.

All the courses that will be given within each track can be found on Ocasys.

Below you will find an Elemental (our magazine) that was specially made to help you make your decision on which track to follow. In this Elemental you can find things like advice from the Academic Advisor, interviews with students from the different tracks and with professors from different fields.

We hope this will make your decision more clear!

Elemental - Track Choice Edition

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Elemental Track Choice Edition 2.3 MB

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