Career Events

Interested in career events coming up? De Chemische Binding organizes career events throughout the year to help you in your career orientation and training. Whether you are a Bachelor's or Master's student, there is always something to do!

Career activities

These activities are mainly organised by the Career Committee. The organizing of lectures is a large part among these activities. Additionally, they have the freedom to organize career events they find suitable for the association and its members. This is done in collaboration with the External Affairs of the board, to make sure that the events are up to standard. Do you have any ideas about possible activities? Please contact


Every year the Symposium Committee organizes a one-day symposium. The day will be filled with talks by guest-speakers from both academia (national and international) and industry who are leaders in their field. Suggestions for speakers or themes? Please contact


The organisation of excursions is (mainly) done by the External Affairs of the board.We are always open for suggestions, so don't hesitate to come by the lounge or to send an email to!

Beta Business Days

The Beta Business Days is a unique two-day career event for all students from the FSE and TeMa. The Beta Business Days gives more than 3500 students the opportunity to investigate their career prospects through company presentations, workshops and case studies. The upcoming edition will take place at the 17th and 18th of March 2020 in Martiniplaza, Groningen. Visit for more information!


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