The ArchiefCie, History Committee and Lustrum Committee

The ArchiefCie
De Chemische Binding is known for her enormous archive. Since the beginning of our association almost all minutes, financial papers, pictures, intake lists, constitution cards, newspapers, posters have been preserved. Till this day all items are kept in a small archive room, whose capacity has unfortunately run out. With the present world all digitalized, paper has become practically useless. Also De Chemische Binding will lose her archive chamber in the new Nijenborgh 4 (2018).

Because it is sin to destroy 50 years of archives, a group of students have been assigned with the task of sorting several dozen kilos of paper and digitalize them. To accomplish this project will take a lot of time, and in order to maintain continuity, a committee is established, the ArchiefCie.

The HistoriCie
In 1987 and 2002 a book has been published in honor of the 20th and 35th anniversary of De Chemische Binding respectively. In both books the whole history of our association has been pointed out. Different old board members of the association wrote pieces about their time at De Chemische Binding. This brought up the most unique traditions and stories. The 50th anniversary will also be a good opportunity to create a third version of this bookwork. In 2015 a new committee will be formed out of students, hopefully also together with some alumni, under the name HistoriCie. They will be given the task to search the (digital) archives and questioning old members for unique stories from different times of our association. This will be formed in a awesome book which will be presented around the 10th lustrum.

The Lustrum Committee
Last but not least, in 2015 a new lustrum committee was established. This committee was given the task to organize an unforgettable lustrum week, which have been decided to become two weeks! All in with just one purpose: uniting students with alumni and staff members of Chemistry/Chemical Engineering.

Since we want to celebrate the lustrum large with everyone connected to our association, we are busy track as many old members as possible. Because the numbers run in the thousand(s), we as board are busy to track everyone systematically. We start with old board members, followed by old active members. We hope you get an idea of the vastness off this task, so any help is welcome!

So keep an eye on this page for updates, latest information and call-ups.

Long live De CB!