Didi Ubels (2017) General Member
Josephine Lewin (2018) General Member
Annelise Dols (2018) General Member
Emiel Broekman (2019) General Member

The ICTee takes care of the maintenance of the computers of the association:
Fail? Yes> They will take a small break outside, and retry after a break.
No> They will drink some coffee and chill in the members' lounge.

Break over? Yes> Retry to fix the computer
No> "Keep drinking coffee"

Retry to fix the computer:
Succes? Celebrate with some extra coffee
Fail? Repeat the process 

They also make sure that the design of the website is good-looking, just as they themselves. 

The distribution of responsibilities between the board and the ICTee is as follows:

●     The ICTee is in charge of the design of the website (www.chemische-binding.nl)

●     The Board is in charge of the information on the website.

●     The ICTee doesn’t have access to the personal data of members.

●     The ICTee is not able to add events to the website.

●     The ICTee is able to edit already placed content in order to keep the design of the website up to date.

●     The ICTee has access to the media folders in order to add the photos taken by the PaparaCie.

●     In the process of making a new webpage, the ICTee needs to be consulted. This will prevent mistakes made in the making of the webpage.

●     The Board needs to deliver the content needed by the ICTee to make the new webpage.

●     The Board will keep the committees on the website up to date.

●     The Board will be in charge of the webstore, as well as sales in the Members’ Lounge done via the computer.

●     The ICTee is in charge of the hardware of the association.

●     The Board needs to address the hardware that needs to be replaced.

●     The Board will give the ICTee the number of computers that need to be replaced.

●     The Board needs to address the minimal specifications of this computer.

●     The ICTee will take these into account and will give their advice on which computer to buy.

●     The Board will order the computer with the advice of the ICTee taken into account.

●     The ICTee makes sure the computers are able to run smoothly.

●     The ICTee is responsible for placing the photos on the website.

●     The PaparaCie is responsible for delivering the photos to the ICTee. The ICTee and the PaparaCie will have a shared drive.

●     The PaparaCie will update the photos on the drive every month.

●     The ICTee will update the photos on the website at the end of every month.

●     Making new committee accounts on Google Admin will be done by the Board.

The ICTee is not responsible for damages when you've been pogaytoed. 

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