Introduction Committee

Introduction Committee (ICE)

Lidewij Reijmers (2022) Chair
Wiktoria Małgorzata Opielak (2022) Secretary
Wouter Zondag (2022) Treasurer
Christiane Moraes (2022) Activities Coordinator
Mink Wytse Willem Berg (2022) Faculty Introduction Day Coordinator

ICE is short for Introduction for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. Every year, before the start of the academic year, this committee organizes the introduction camp for the new first-year students. The ICE organizes the entire weekend, starting with the Faculty Introduction Day (FID) on Friday, where all first-year students are introduced to the faculty. After the FID, the introduction camp starts, where the first-year students enjoy a weekend filled with activities and partying. It is a lot of fun to organize such a big activity and it is a great way to get to know the new first-year students. The applications for the next ICE are open! Do you want to set up this amazing camp yourself? Send your CV + motivation letter to

The ICE committee is responsible for organizing the introduction camp at the start of the year. This camp has a selection of social activities aimed at getting people to know one another and the association. Additionally, they handle the organisation of the Faculty Introduction Day in collaboration with the Academic Advisor. The committee is also responsible for organizing the activities surrounding the introduction period, which will end with the ICE Final party. The ICE Committee has two extra functions: "Activities Coordinator" and "Faculty Introduction Day Coordinator".

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