Activities Committee

Activities Committee (aXie)

Roos Reuvekamp (2019) Chairman
Adi Schoones (2017) Secretary
Didi Ubels (2017) Treasurer
Jan Coen Herrema (2019) General Member
Jasper Huig Morrison Langelaar (2020) General Member
Neel Harry (2020) General Member

Hi everyone, 

We are the Activities committee, otherwise known as the GalaXie! When life beats you down with typical uni stuff, we are there to have your back and provide lots of amazing and fun activities for all members of the CB. Some of these activites are re-occuring every year, others are new, but just as fun! For all activities there is just one general rule: you can do them with a drink in your hand.

We are an active committee and eery month there will be at least one activity organised by us. So there is always something fun to join and have a great time!

See you at our next activity!

The GalaXie

You can always contact us at