Activities Committee

Activities Committee (aXie)

Stefanie Bianchetti (2017) Chairman
Karlijn Meerman (2017) Secretary
Joline Ridder (2017) Treasurer


We are the activities committee, or Axie for short, and our job is to organize fun activities for the members of De Chemische Binding. There is only one rule for our activities - you have to be able to participate while holding a drink in your hand! We host many events, but some recurring ones are the klaverjas evenings, movie nights and games evenings. Every year we also organize the End-of-the-year Barbecue, which involves a lot of food, sun and even more ‘gezelligheid.’ We are also responsible for the cultural activity. As far as committees go, we are probably the most active (go figure), organizing events roughly once every fortnight.

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