Activities Committee

Activities Committee (aXie)

Lara Clerici (2018) Chairman
Jelke van den Eijnden (2018) Secretary
Annabelle Neri (2018) Treasurer
Lorenzo Impelluso (2018) General Member

Hi everyone, 

We are the Activities committee, otherwise known as the distraXie! When you have problems, stress and bad grades: We’ll take your mind of it! We are the committee that makes sure there are lots of fun activities for all members of De Chemische Binding. Some of the activities we organize are more traditions by now, like Klaverjas evenings, game nights or movie nights. We also organize the End-of-the-Year Barbecue. Which is a perfect way to relax, enjoy some food and drinks after a busy year, together with all your friends.

But fear not: every year we also organize new unique activities as well. There is just one rule for all of them: you have to be able to participate with a drink in your hand!

Like the name implies, we are one of the most ‘active’ committees: there is an activity almost every two weeks. This means there is always a distraction for you!

See you at the next activity,

the distraXie

You can contact us at

The aXie is responsible for organising and promoting all social activities excluding parties and sporting events of De Chemische Binding. Currently, the aim of this committee is to organize 10 activities over the academic year, while keeping the agenda of the association in mind. One of these events is the End Of The Year Barbecue. Besides this activity, the aXie gets a lot of freedom to organise any activity they want to, whilst keeping the budget in mind. The aXie consist of 6 people who organise these activities together. Besides this, the aXie gets a budget to pay the costs for all these activities, so that the activities can be of a higher quality.

The DistraXie, f.l.t.r.: Joline, Ivar, Wouter, Stefanie, Karlijn & Josephine