Activities Committee

Activities Committee (aXie)

Hugo Klijn (2019) General Member
Alexander Lenze (2020) Vice-Chair
Wouter Zondag (2022) Chair
Wiktoria Małgorzata Opielak (2022) Secretary
Beatrice Cugut (2022) Treasurer
Oscar Price-Nowak (2023) General Member

Hello there,

We are the Activities Committee, otherwise known as the AssassinaXie! When life beats you down with typical uni stuff, just beat it back up yourself and get your ass in aXion (or whatever an assassin does)! We are here to help you with that by organising many fun activities which can be attended by all members of De CB! Some of these activities are re-occurring every year, others are new, but just as fun!

We are an active committee and we strive to organise as many fun activities, as we can think of. You can always contact us (for example, with fun ideas for activities) at

See you at our next activity!

Stay Climactic,



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