Sport Committee

Sport Committee

Hellen Keizer (2021) Secretary
Naomi bob Cruz (2021) Chair
Christiane Moraes (2022) Treasurer
Pelle van Aefst (2021) General Member
Joris Zeggelaar (2023) General Member

The Sport Committee (the SpoCo) is the committee that organises tons of fun sports activities. From active activities such as the squash tournament to the more relaxed ones where you can do holding a drink in your hand like the pool tournament, we do it all. With about one activity each month, there is always something to look forward to. It is the perfect way to find some relief after a long day of hard work and to bond (badum-tsss) with your fellow chemists and/or engineers and sometimes even your professors! All in all, the SpoCo is a fun committee which organises tons of sportive activities throughout the year for all members to enjoy!

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The SpoCo will do the organisation and promotion of the generally sport-related activities of De Chemische Binding. Currently, the aim of this committee is to organise 10 activities per year, one of which is the Night Volleyball tournament. For all activities besides the Night Volleyball tournament, the SpoCo gets a lot of freedom to organise what they want. The SpoCo will consist of 5 people who organise these activities together. The SpoCo can organise these activities with other committees if they think this is useful. Next to this, the SpoCo gets a budget to pay for the costs of all these activities, so that the activities can be bigger and better.

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