Borrel Committee

Borrel Committee (Borrelcie)

Paul Melis (2019) Chair
Julius Meijer (2019) Vice-Chair
Thomas Dobroschelski (2020) Treasurer
Jelke van den Eijnden (2018) General Member
Daphne Haverkamp (2020) General Member
Jasper te Walvaart (2020) General Members
Naomi Cruz (2021) General Member
Aidan Coller (2021) General Member
Hugo Klijn (2019) General Member
Rosa Cnossen (2019) General Member
Lara Witjes (2019) General Member
Renske Rocks (2022) General Member
Mink Wytse Willem Berg (2022) General Member
Lidewij Reijmers (2022) General Member

Dear socializers,

We are the Social drink committee/Borrelcie.

We are responsible for those amazing so called “borrels” every Friday afternoon.

We are responsible for all those delicious beers, the wide choice of sodas, the two types of wine and during some social drinks even more special beverages!

We are responsible for those perfectly crafted tosti’s, the mountain of complimentary chips and during some social drinks even more types of snacks!

We are responsible for the special social drinks, like the Oktoberfest social drink, the wine social drink, the Mexican social drink and many more.

We are responsible for the fun games played with cards or dices during these social drinks, which you may or may not regret playing and which we may or may not regret providing you with.

We are responsible for bringing the students of Chemistry and Chemical engineering closer together.

We are responsible for those unforgettable evenings with some of your best friends.

We are the Social drink committee and we hope to see you Friday!

With lots of love,

The committee that you can thank for providing all these amazing things,

The Social drink committee/BorrelCie

The BorrelCie is responsible for most sales of food and drink (excluding some events like the ICE or End of the Year BBQ) that aren’t sold through the webshop. Most prominently this is done on the social drink every Friday. Some of these drinks have a special theme attached to them, like the Holger-Lager drink, or a theme announcement. Additionally, the BorrelCie sells drinks at other activities or after lectures. The BorrelCie can vary in size, but a continuous flow of members is desirable. The BorrelCie does not get money from the association, as all money they need is gained from the sales of food and drinks.

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