Borrel Committee

Borrel Committee (Borrelcie)

Didi Ubels (2017) Chairman
Joeri ten Kate (2014) Treasurer
Elia Savino (2017) General Member
Gerben Boerema (2016) General Member
Jesk Jaeger (2017) General Member
Lisl Miedema (2017) General Member
Nienke Langeland (2016) General Member
Raoul Wijmenga (2016) General Member
Rebecca Rodrigues de Miranda (2015) General Member
Wietske Nauta (2017) General Member
Wouter Saat (2015) General Member

Dear beer drinkers, wine guzzlers and soda sippers,

We are the Borrelcie, the committee that brings you all those (un)forgettable Friday afternoon drinks. During these Friday afternoon drinks, a.k.a. ‘Borrel’, many conversations are held and many games are played. Due to these interactions between members (and non-members) we contribute to one of the main pillars of De Chemische Binding, namely the social one. For this reason the Borrelcie is one of the more important committees of De Chemische Binding, for we lower the threshold for the interaction between two chemists/chemical engineers, because this has proven to not always be easy for people. A second reason that makes us shine is the contribution to the creation of crazy ideas fueled by alcohol or an excessive amount of sodas, be it for research or for taking our association to the next level. Not only do we organize the well-known Friday afternoon casual borrels, but we also put a lot of effort in organizing the most awesome special borrels, like the Oktoberfest borrel, World borrel and St. Patricksday borrel.

Our beautiful committee currently consists of a lot ofmembers, each of which is an expert in the field of opening beer bottles on crates, producing the best of tostis, and is able to start the most wonderful and glorious conversations. These legendary people are:

Loek Pieke, Praeses
Yaël Kerstholt, ex-Praeses
Sietse Tock, ex-ex-Praeses
Matthijs ter Harmsel, ex-ex-ex-Praeses
Florian Cerpentier, ex-ex-ex-ex-Praeses, Treasurer
Robin Alkema
Sander Vanca
Wouter Saat
Rebecca Rodrigues de Miranda
Arne Hefting
Gerben Boerema
Joeri ten Kate
Mitchell Groen
Nienke Langeland
Thom Gerrits
Raoul Wijmenga


Borrelcie Hoog!


f.l.t.r top row: Sietse, Loek, Sander, Arne, Yaël, Rebecca, Gerben, Simon, Florian, Hiddeb

f.l.t.r bottom row: Wouter, Matthijs, Robin

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