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Almanac Committee

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Hello there! We are the Almanac Committee of 2021-2022. Aside from being the best committee to ever exist, we are tasked with producing the almanac of De Chemische Binding. An almanac is a yearbook that includes a description of all committees and related institutions and associations of De Chemische Binding. Besides this, it of course also includes lots of fun stories and pictures. This year's theme is soon to be announced, so be sure to check out our theme announcement video soon! 

If you have any questions or suggestions for the Almanac, please don't hesitate to send us an email ( or contact one of us personally.

The Almanac Committee publishes an Almanac. This almanac should at least contain, but is not limited to the following:

●     An overview of the year of De Chemische Binding

●     Pieces written by brother and sister associations

●     Pieces written by the current and former boards

●     Pieces written by the Committees

●     A list of the current members of De Chemische Binding, while taking the privacy law into account

The Almanac Committee should strive to make the almanac free of costs. In order to do this, the committee has to get sponsors for the printing of their almanacs. Before contacting the other parties, they have to coordinate this with the External Affairs of the board. This must be done in order to make sure that all communication with sponsors happens as smoothly as possible and so that the total sponsoring is optimized. The Almanac Committee has two extra functions, namely Design and Acquisition. This is to make sure that the sponsoring for and layout of the almanac are done properly.

Next to the sponsoring, the Almanac Committee also gets money from the association to print their almanacs. This amount of money has to be discussed with the treasurer of the board.
After the Almanac has been published, it needs to be sent to the contributors and promoted and distributed amongst the members.

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