Annabelle Neri (2018) General Member
Preslav Smits (2017) General Member
Sarah Rooijmans (2018) General Member
Wouter Saat (2015) General Member
Rogier Remmerts (2019) General Member
Jelke van den Eijnden (2018) General Member

The Redakcie is the committee that is responsible for the ‘Elemental’, the magazine of De CB that is issued four times a year. It contains stories of past activities, chemical highlights, interviews with professors and alumni and articles about for example molecular cooking and activities in Groningen.

If you are interested in writing pieces for the magazine and/or assembling them and taking care of the lay-out, you are more than welcome. Come to the Redakcie and experience what it feels like to put effort into something you can hold in your hand - and read, of course!

If you would like to help create something that’s read by hundreds of people four times a year, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to to show your interest!

You can contact us at

The RedakCie is responsible for writing and designing the periodical of De Chemische Binding. The periodical allows for a lot of articles to be in there, varying from interviews or research discussions to recipes or puzzles, both chemistry and non-chemistry related. Writing of certain pieces can be outsourced to other people, the “from the chairman” piece can, for example, be written by the chairman of the association. The number of periodicals can vary over the years, but the aim is to have at least four periodicals per year. The RedakCie should consist of at least six members.

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