First-Year Committee

First-Year Committee

Mitchell Groen (2016) Chairman
Nienke Langeland (2016) Secretary
Tjon-Fei Chen (2016) Treasurer
Raoul Wijmenga (2016) General Member
Mieke Nijhof (2016) General Member

The First-Year Committee is a committee consisting of only first-year students. This committee will organize several activities throughout the year, focused on their fellow first-year students. For example: a drink, a party or a sports activity. The goal of the committee is to organize fun activities for (first-year) students. It is a lightweight committee, ideal to get an introduction to committee work and easy to combine with first-year courses. 


f.l.t.r: Mieke Nijhof, Nienke Langeland, Mitchell Groen, Tjon-Fei Chen, Raoul Wijmenga 

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