Symposium Committee

Symposium Committee

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The symposium committee organizes the annual symposium of ‘De Chemische Binding’. A day filled with lectures from both Dutch and international speakers who come to Groningen to give a lecture on their work within a certain theme. As a member of the symposium committee, you are able to develop contacts with companies, the faculty and (academic) speakers. The committee also is tasked with choosing a theme for the symposium. 

The Symposium committee is responsible for organising a symposium. This one-day event is filled with keynote speakers speaking on subjects related to Chemistry or Chemical Engineering. The exact planning and scheduling of this day is completely up to the committee. The Symposium committee has to come up with a theme and find speakers who can give a lecture that is related to the theme. Next to this, the committee has to arrange the sponsorship necessary for the event. In order to ensure those two things happen properly, the Symposium Committee has two extra functions, namely Contact Speakers and Acquisition. The Symposium Committee therefore exists of at least five members. It should be an aim to have at least one Master’ student on the committee.

The functions within the committee are:

Contact speakers

For any information about the committee, do not hesitate to drop the board an email at, or approach one of the board directly!

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