Education Committee

Education Committee

Kevin Lucas Harreither (2022) General Member
Seán Byrne (2019) Treasurer
Sofía Cañellas Briones (2021) General Member
Jelle Stout (2021) General Member
Woojin (Kevin) Jang (2021) General Member
Rebecca Trasa (2022) Chair
Mikołaj Dołżycki (2022) Secretary
Iker Navarro Dávila (2022) General Member

The Education Committee is the committee that focuses on educational support and the goal of the Education Committee is to cater to the needs of the students of the studies Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. We do this by organising support sessions in which you practice for an exam, crash courses to (re)learn required prior knowledge and soft skill workshops that are useful for certain courses or research.

We as a committee have at least one member from the current board and, to be a reflection of the programmes as a whole, at least one first-year student, one second-year student and one student from the third year or higher.

If you are interested in joining the Education Committee you can send an email to or talk to a board member. 

To contact us directly you can send an email to, if you want to for example give us some feedback on our organised events or tell us that you think a support session for a certain course should be organised.

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