Education Committee

Education Committee

Didi Ubels (2017) Chairman
Wietske Nauta (2017) Treasurer
Ana Garcia Castillo (2018) General Member
Isabella Kirss (2018) General Member
Mitchell Groen (2016) General Member
Annelise Dols (2018) General Member
Simon Hermann (2019) General Member
Andy Sardjan (2016) General Member

The EC is the committee that focuses on educational support. They organize exam practice sessions for difficult courses and they maintain the exam bank which contains old exams that can be used for practice. Last year, the EC started a project to offer individual tutoring against a small fee. Also they organize staff-student lunches and course-specific excursions.

If you are interested you can send an e-mail to or talk to a board member. 

The goal of the Education Committee is to cater to the needs of the students of the studies Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. The committee will do this by organising support sessions for courses for which is felt this is necessary and by organising information sessions about the curriculum. 

It is desirable that the Education Committee exists of at least four members and to have at least one member from the current board of De Chemische Binding. The other members are supposed to be a reflection of the programme as a whole, with one first year student, one second year student and one student from the third year or above.

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