Current board

Board 2023 - 2024

Jasper te Walvaart (2020) Chairman
Alexandra Vîlunco (2021) Secretary/Vice-Chair
Jesse Korsten (2021) Treasurer
Jelle Stout (2021) Internal Affairs/Educational Affairs
Noa Sandra Huisman (2021) External Affairs

Board 2023 - 2024​​​​​​​


The board manages the daily business of the association, oversees the committees, and organises a number of activities. They represent the association for the students of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, as well as external parties and the faculty.

Jasper te Walvaart - Chairman


Hey everyone, my name is Jasper te Walvaart and I am the chairman of this year’s board. It means I have the most responsibility in the association, and the rest of the board will help me with that! As the chairman, I will be busy preparing meetings, keeping in touch with external parties, like other study associations and the student council, and the general managing of the board.

I am 24 years old, which means I am by far the oldest board member, which is why I am also referred to as the dad of the board. I am from a small town in Overijssel called Vroomshoop, located just inside Twente, which I am very proud of! I am technically a 3rd-year student, but I have already been part of the association for 4 years. This is because I started studying Chemistry twice. I became active in the association when starting the study for the second time, as part of the Education Committee and the BorrelCie. Next to my daily board tasks, I like to relax by playing chess or gaming. Playing Farming or Flight Simulator is my guilty pleasure. Otherwise, I like to do some cooking, explore and make new dishes I have never made before, so, if you have suggestions, let me know! I also started doing some exercise on the weekends, but I am also up for doing it more during the week. 

I hope you know me a bit better now. See you around!

Alexandra Vîlunco - Secretary & Vice-Chairman

Hi! My name is Alexandra and I am this year's secretary and vice-chairman. My responsibilities include, but are not limited to, sending your CBriefings and keeping up with the email, making the year plan, figuring out the administration, and writing the year report. I am Romanian; I was raised in Mangalia, a small town by the Black Sea, a stone throw's away from Vama Veche! If you know, you know. ;)

I am happy to have moved to the Netherlands for my studies, namely Chemical Engineering! I work part-time for the Promotional Team for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. I am keen on sports: pole dance, bouldering, climbing, and I have taken up roller skating in addition to going to the gym. I love crocheting, horror movies, video and board games. I am learning Arabic and will take up Russian and, perhaps, German. I am excited about what the board year has in store for me and hope to learn some time management skills. I cannot wait to spend my board year with my fellow board members and you. You are always welcome to have a cup of tea with me!


Jesse Korsten - Treasurer


Hello everyone, my name is Jesse Korsten and I will be the treasurer of De Chemische-Binding this year. This means I am in charge of all money-related tasks so, if you see that at the end of the month, all the snacks from the lounge are collected, that is my work. I chose to study Chemistry in Groningen because of the opportunity to switch bachelor's after the first year, which I made use of when I found out I like Chemistry more than Chemical Engineering. I will spend most of my time in the boardroom trying to figure out how the bookkeeping program works, but if I am not there, I am most likely in the lounge relaxing or playing Sporcle. 

I come from Zuidwolde, a small town in the south of Drenthe. But that is not that special since two other active members coincidentally also grew up there. Now I have a room in Groningen in the beautiful neighbourhood of Vinkhuizen, where I live with 4 of my high school friends. I look forward to my board year and meeting a lot of new people. See you around!

Jelle Stout - Commissioner of Internal & Educational Affairs

Hi there, my name is Jelle and I’m this year's commissioner of internal and educational affairs of De CB! As internal affairs, I oversee the committees and make sure they run smoothly while I also keep in touch with the members of our lovely association, and, as educational affairs, I stay in touch with the programme and provide educational support where I can. In other words, don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a chat or any trouble education-wise! ;)

Originating from the lovely Frisian town of Hurdegaryp, I’ve been studying Chemistry for the past 3 years. Now, if you’re ever looking for me, you can probably find me in the CB lounge, having brunch with some chips. While I do love to socialize, sometimes my social battery runs a bit low. To help recharge, I love to either play some video games or go and try to be healthy with some exercise. You’ll most likely not hear me shut up about the sport I do: survival run. I hope, however, that that doesn't stop you from striking up a conversation, as I'm always open for that. ;)

I hope to see you around sometime!


Noa Huisman - Commissioner of External Affairs


Hi! My name's Noa Huisman and I am the commissioner of external affairs of De Chemische Binding this year. I have been an active member of De CB since my first year when I helped organize the beautiful Christmas dinner. This year, I will try to ensure we have fun excursions and big sponsor deals. :) 

I was born right here in Groningen, then moved to Leeuwarden at the age of 5, and am now happy to be back here. Alongside De CB, I am part of Dizkartes, where I love to party almost every Wednesday and Thursday. I also love being creative by crocheting, sewing, or doing something else. You can find me in the kitchen baking cookies or cakes, especially if one of my friends' birthday is coming up. If you ever see me, feel free to come up to me because I always love to talk!

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