Annelise Dols (2018) Chair
Roos Reuvekamp (2019) General Member
Wouter Arends (2018) General Member
Didi Ubels (2017) General Member
Jacob-Jan Haaksma (2020) General Member
Jelke van den Eijnden (2018) General Member
Sofía Cañellas Briones (2021) General member

De Chemische Binding has a lot of activities, these of course need to be documented. What better way to do this than with some nice pictures. This is where the PaparaCie comes in. They make sure that during most of the activities of our association a camera with cameraman is present. Because of this you can relive all your best (& worst) moments in beautiful momentary shots. If you want to make sure you are the person making these beautiful pictures send an e-mail to

The PaparaCie is responsible for taking pictures at events where this is wanted. The PaparaCie and the board are responsible for the camera together. The PaparaCie is also responsible for making a selection of the pictures to put on the site. Throughout the month, the PaparaCie puts the pictures they want to have on the site on the drive they share with the ICTee. At the end of the month, the ICTee will upload the pictures on the site.

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