Lustrum Committee

Lustrum Committee

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There are legendary events like the End of the Year BBQ and the Christmas Dinner. However, these take place every year. There is only one event and one only that is so legendary, that it only takes place once every five years. We are talking about the Lustrum, a week full of activities, parties and excursions in which the whole association participates. 

To celebrate the 55th anniversary of De Chemische Binding, the Lustrum Committee will organise a lustrum event on and around October 9th 2022. This will be multiple days of various activities. The aim will be to organise activities for around 7 days, but the committee is free to choose how many exactly! The committee is free to choose whatever kind of activities they want to organise, in consultation with the board. It is advised to have a mix of social, career and educational-orientated activities to appeal to more people and reflect the association better.

The lustrum will have a theme. The last lustrum it was ‘Light it up’, and before that, it was ’Strijd der Elementen’. The theme the committee can of course choose themselves.

This year we are working on more big things to come. Stay tuned!

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