Business and Acquisition Committee

Business and Acquisition Committee

Emiel Broekman (2019) Chair
Alexander Lenze (2020) General Member
Noa Sandra Huisman (2021) Vice-Chair
Nanne Dijksterhuis (2022) Treasurer

The Business & Acquisition Committee organizes activities in collaboration with companies that are relevant and interesting for students studying chemistry and chemical engineering. The goal of these activities is to provide students with an orientating view of what you can do in the industry after you graduate. Examples of activities are lunch lectures, case studies, networking drinks, recruitment dinners etc. A specific example is the CB Career Day, which is an event where multiple company representatives, of carefully selected companies, will give a short presentation about their career and company. Subsequently, there will be a networking drink, together with all these representatives, to allow students to interact and ask questions. The Business & Acquisition Committee will also provide soft skill workshops to stimulate skills that are highly valuable in your future career. Not only that, but the committee will also be working on arranging deals and sponsoring, companies and small businesses, for committees. In this way, the committees will have more budget to spend on activities! For example, for the Almanac Committee, a small deal can be arranged to place an advertisement in the Almanac, or another example is a discount for a certain purchase of a committee.

Are you enthusiastic about contacting companies and organizing career events? Do you like to negotiate deals and sponsorships for the benefit of the association? Do you want to learn more about the possibilities of a future career in the industry? Then the Business & Acquisition Committee is something for you! Feel free to send an email to

For specific questions about activities or ideas/suggestions for the Business & Acquisition Committee, send an email to They are always open for new input!

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