Farewell Japan

Our time in Japan has come to an end. While you’re reading this we’re soaring through the air, back to our beloved Groningen.


Before we said our goodbyes we had one last dinner together. We decided that we should have high-class traditional Japanese food. That's why we ended up at Shunju restaurant on the 27th floor of one of the city’s many skyscrapers. The amazing view and food made this a night to be remembered. It was as if the city wanted to celebrate with us as half way through our meal a fireworks show started a few blocks away. Marking the end of our journey.


We’ve seen and experienced so much, it seems impossible that we only spent a few weeks here. From the temples of Kyoto, to the busy streets of Osaka, the calm shores of Asa and the overwhelming neon lights of Tokyo. We had a great journey, met some amazing people in the process and learned a lot about Japanese culture and chemistry. We will try to distill out the best features and implement them back in Groningen.


Our dearest Japan,

How astonishing you’ve been

May we meet again

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