Christmas Dinner


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Christmas Dinner Committee
Date and time
Dec 19, 2019 18:00 - 00:00
Biotoop Haren - Wing F

Hohoho and a cup of good cheer wine!
In Australia, the days are getting longer, which means we are approaching christmas very fast. And what better way is there to celebrate christmas, than the CB Christmas Dinner? Enjoy good food and free wine during a nice, warm, seven course dinner! On Thursday December 19th, this grand fest will take place at the beautiful Biotoop in Haren. Combined with the mind-blowingly good food, you will not just listen to the story of Odysseus, you will truly experience it.
You can sign up right here for a full seven meal course, free wine and endless laughter and fun on a night to never forget for only €20!
Love, the christmas dinner committee (‘vo)


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