Ice skating

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Sport Committee
Date and time
Dec 9, 2023 13:15 - 15:15
Kardingerplein 1, 9735 AA Groningen

Ice Skating!
Dear Members,

December is almost here and it's getting chilly! You know what that means? 
That's right, it's time for Ice Skating. Brought to you by SpoCo! 
Get ready to carve some ice. You can bring your own ice skates if possible.
Don’t have any skates? No problem, for only €5,- extra you can also rent skates! 
For the members that will rent ice skates, we need to know your shoe size in advance.

Date: 9th of December
Time: 13:15 - 15:15
Location: Sportcentrum Kardinge (Kardingerplein 1)
Price: €4 for sign up and an additional €5 to rent skates.

We can’t wait to see you there, 
And make sure you do not go ‘ploep’ when ice skating.


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