Beer Brewing Tasting Evening

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Activities Committee (aXie)
Date and time
Feb 8, 2018 17:00 - 22:00
De Luchtbrug

The evening we’ve all been waiting for (and dreading) is near: The Beer Brewing Tasting Evening!


If you’re participating in the beer brewing competition, this is the evening where we get together to taste and score the beers that you and your competitors have brewed. Prizes can be won, so hopefully you and your group brewed some tasty beers!


Some practical information: Please bring about 5 liters of your bottled beer, labeled with your group’s name, to the tasting. You can bring your beer to the CB members’ lounge on February 7th, till 17:00. We will then chill the beer overnight, so it’s nice and cold for the tasting. When handing us your beer, we ask you to tell us about extra ingredients you added, due to allergies. The tasting will be blind, so if you have an allergy and you haven’t told us yet, please send an email to:



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