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Feb 24, 2020 17:15 - 18:15
NB 5113.0202

Most of you will know Prof. Katja Loos from the course Macromolecular Chemistry, but during this lecture in the Sustainability Week, she will not talk about Flory–Schulz distributions or Carothers Equation. Instead, she will provide an interesting lecture about sustainability with links to her own research! Don't hesitate and sign up soon!


The in vitro enzymatic synthesis of polymers via non-metabolic pathways is a relatively old area of precision polymer synthesis. The enzymatic polymerization of polysaccharides was for instance already reported more than 60 years ago. But soon other polymerization methods using cheap petroleum-based monomers replaced research on biocatalytic polymerization techniques. However, these days fast depletion of the petroleum stock and increase in the cost of petroleum based monomers puts limit to their use in the future and enzymatic polymerizations are currently facing a Renaissance. 

At present, petrol-based monomers are still predominately used in enzymatic polymerizations. By combining biobased monomers and enzymatic polymerizations in polymer synthesis, not only the research field of enzymatic polymerization could be greatly accelerated but also the utilization of renewable resources will be promoted. This will provide an essential contribution for achieving sustainability for the polymer and coatings industry, which will eventually play an important role for realizing and maintaining a sustainable society.


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